Happy Lunar New Year

February 8, 2016

Emmy Min First Birthday June 2014 (53 of 288)
Emmy Min First Birthday June 2014 (49 of 288)
Emmy’s Dohl

Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend watching the Superbowl. This is the first year we didn’t host or go to any party. After having Jimmy travel so much for work, we decided to just go out to eat with our neighbors and come back to watch the game with them. It was so nice! I didn’t have to cook, clean, or wake up with a bloated belly full of queso. 


Today is the Lunar New Year and I was reminiscing through some old pics. Look how little Jules is here! 


I just love how young the kids are here making mandu with my dad. Doesn’t my kitchen look so different here pre-transformation? My mom and dad are the masters at mandu making. 



My sweet girl is turning 9 in a few months. #sigh 


One year, we went over to Jimmy’s parent’s house to wish them a Happy New Year and this is how the kids bowed. Look at JJ!! Bowing is showing is a sign of respect but JJ looks to be insulting his grandparents instead. 


I have some of these left overs from our mandu making party so I’ll be frying some up today. 

Emmy Min First Birthday June 2014 (122 of 288)

I leave you with this family picture taken 1.5 years ago for our youngest daughter’s dohl (1st birthday). Happy Lunar New Year! Now, go eat some mandu!


Consider the blameless, observe the upright; a future awaits those who seek peace. Psalm 37:37

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