Friday Favorites Roundup

January 22, 2016


Hey everyone, today I’m linking up with Momfessionals and sharing my Friday Favorite Roundup. The kids stayed home from school today due to inclement weather and so far, I’ve cleaned up 3 spills! Fun times! Tis, mom life. 

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Last night, Jimmy and I went on a date night. Honestly, I was pooped and would’ve been fine staying in but he planned for us to go out and so I literally threw on a hat and some earrings. It’s amazing what a hat can do because I had the worst hair day yesterday. Even when I don’t feel like it, it’s always a good idea to get out, eat food you didn’t cook, and spend time with your spouse.  I’m totally not kidding when I say I’ve basically worn the same outfit for the third day in a row now. #noshame #momlife See, us moms need to get out!

I was really in the mood for some Middle Eastern food. If you’re near Alpharetta, GA, I highly recommend this family restaurant, Jerusalem Bakery. I love the chicken shawarma entree. It’s sooo good. Jimmy got the cheesesteak sandwich and it’s amazing because it’s wrapped in their homemade pita bread. It’s nostalgic because we used to eat so much Middle Eastern food when we lived in Clarkston. Our refugee friends always welcomed us into their homes with the most delicious, flavorful cuisines. 

kon mari book

My friend recently lent me her book called, “The life-changing magic of tidying up.” I heard a lot about this book from other bloggers and so it sparked my interest. I figured since I was doing some mad decluttering, I could see what the hype what all about. I haven’t utilized her advice yet but I could see how it would work. She basically says instead of decluttering one area like a closet, drawer, or room, you need to gather all of that one particular item. For example, if you’re organizing clothes, take out all of your shirts into a pile. You have to go through each one and ask if it sparks joy. I thought about it more in terms of whether or not it added value to my life because the spark joy part was a bit funny to me.

Kondo states this method guarantees long term results in organizing.  If you can get past some of the weird parts like talking to your socks and thanking them for their hard work, there are some good tips on how to fold and organize. There are definitely some parts where I laughed and wondered if she was actually serious. I’m thinking it’s partly due to culture and some things lost in translation. Have you read it?


Don’t forget to try this Korean Spicy Braised Chicken recipe I posted this past week. It’s simple and delicious. 


Here’a a really good read on suffering. No one is immuned to it and yet we can feel alone and isolated when we’re going through hardships. It’s been on my mind as I’ve been following this one particular family who lost their son right before Christmas. They share their honest heartaches, slow steps to healing, and faith through this devastating time. I’ve found myself crying and being encouraged at the same time. 


It brought me to another thought this week in terms of how we can love others going through such immense suffering around us. One of the ways I love people is through food. I’m realizing more and more how much this can be a gift to others. There’s thought, effort, and prayer that can go in preparing a meal for someone. It’s not just food for one’s body but it can be nourishment for another person’s heart and soul. If you can’t think of someone who’s struggling, maybe surprise a neighbor you don’t know very well with a meal. Don’t overcomplicate because it can be as simple as muffins from a box! Ask the Lord to bring someone to mind. He will do it!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend, friends. Stay warm!


The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace. Psalm 29:11

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