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December 11, 2015

Woohoo it’s Friday! Today, I’m linking up with Momfessionals and sharing my Friday Favorites. I’m a little late today due to a sick child at home and another one really testing my limits today.


Every time I see this meme, I crack up so badly. Every. Time. It was one of those mornings and finally, I hit the pause button and took a nap with the kids today. It was glorious! Please don’t think after posting all these projects around the house, I’ve got my act together. Most days, I’m lucky if I’ve brushed my hair AND teeth by noon. Life is all a series of ebbs and flows and there are good and bad days around here. Being a mom is seriously humbling and it keeps me on my knees. Okay, enough about that! I just wanted to throw out a bit of reality out there for all you fine folks. Keep pressing on, mamas. I know the days are sometimes long but you are really doing some amazing work raising those little human beings. 

Did you check out my post on the 2 tablescapes I put together for the Merry and Bright Holiday Tour? 



The other bloggers on the tour also had some great ideas so make sure to take a look! We’ll be back this Wednesday to share the last of our holiday tips. 


I posted a recipe for this cranberry upside down cake. If you’re planning on making fresh cranberry sauce for Christmas, save some of the berries and make this cake. 

IMG_8222 IMG_8237

Yesterday, I visited my friend, Jill and took pictures of her home all decked out for Christmas. I love her old, historic home built in the 1890s. I hope to share that by the end of next week. She has a daybed on her front porch. So cool! Don’t mind me, Jill if you see me napping there one day considering we’ve been having spring weather in GA. 


The other night, we had dinner at one of our small group sister’s house. Stacy and her husband also live in a historic house built in the 1890s! It has taken them 20 years to restore and renovate this home and it is truly something special. We got together with our husbands to hear a testimony of what one of her friends, Christy is doing in Kenya. I’m still processing all the amazing things she shared about what God is doing with the school she built there. The theme that keeps pressing on my heart this year is really being myself and being unapologetic about it. God desires for us to utilize our special giftings for his glory and there is so much joy and freedom in that. We can spend so much time comparing ourselves to the person next to us and all the while, never honing and maximizing our God given talents. I’m definitely a working progress in this area. 

IMG_8264My little Ems had her Christmas performance at school. Can you spot her? 


She did great! #daddysgirl

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. As always, I’m so thankful you’re here!



The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. John 1:9-10

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