Easter Round-Up

April 2, 2015

Hey Friends! Hope your week is going well. Thanks for your comments and messages from Tuesday’s post. The Father’s love for us is truly amazing. Today, I’ve rounded up some Easter ideas for you and your family. 

I’m thinking about doing this with the kids. Have you ever heard of resurrection rolls? It’s a great way to teach kids about the empty tomb and Jesus’ resurrection. This is all over pinterest and I also saw it here



Basically, you get a can of crescent rolls and big marshmallows. First, you spread out your crescent roll and put on some melted butter and cinnamon sugar. You can tell the kids about Jesus’ death and how his friends used oil and spices to get him ready for burial. Let your kids place a big marshmallow in the center and have them roll it up. The marshmallow represents Jesus and how he was sinless and pure. Seal up the rolls like they did with the tomb. Bake according to the directions and after they’ve cooled, the kids will eat it and the marshmallow will be gone! Cool huh?? I think this is a great visual activity to help them understand the true meaning of Easter. 

Here are some ideas for your Easter table if you’re hosting. 





You can keep it simple with a little greenery. You could also make my rustic mason jars from last week’s post. Fresh flowers always make a big impact. 


In terms of food, the options are limitless. I know traditionally, Americans will prepare a ham with sides. Koreans typically make a ton of Korean food like galbi and ban chan sides. We are either grilling steaks or lobster tails with Jimmy’s special marinade sauce. If you’re hosting and cooking stresses you out, don’t cook! Just cater the meal. Remember, it’s about having true fellowship and community. Don’t let that deter you from serving your guests with true hospitality. Last week, we had friends over for dinner and since I had a busy week, I served chicken and waffles. I forgot to take a picture but here’s an example. 




Can I let you in on a secret?? Jimmy bought the friend chicken from Popeyes! AND, you know what else?? Our guests didn’t care!! I served a pre-packaged kale salad from Costco and I made our favorite waffles. Our guests enjoyed it too because most of it was all gone. It takes the stress off me because I can plan a semi-homemade meal and really focus on being with our guests and engaging in true fellowship instead of running around like a crazy woman. Just thinking about frying up a load of chicken while tending to 3 kids is a pure nightmare! 

We had so much fun that evening with our new friends and talked for hours while we ate all evening. This is good practice for me because it takes away the temptation of wanting to impress new guests with my culinary skills and really practicing true hospitality with the purpose of showing off Jesus. Well it was humbling regardless because I overcooked my quinoa cake but I still served it anyways. Haha, if I invite you over for dinner, please don’t have such high expectations just because I have a blog. AND, don’t be disappointed if I serve you fried chicken from the store. Btw, chicken and waffles would be an awesome meal for Easter dinner too! 

Whether you’re hosting or not, I pray this Easter will be one that reminds you of the miracle of the cross. Let’s meditate on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. 


“We are going up to Jerusalem, and the Son of Man will be betrayed to the chief priests and the teachers of the law. They will condemn him to death and will turn him over to the Gentiles to be mocked and flogged and crucified. On the third day he will be raised to life!” Matthew 20:18-19

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