Decorating with Plants

June 19, 2015

IMG_2623It’s no news I love decorating and interior design but I’m a firm believer that it doesn’t require a lot of money to make your home look and feel nice. Sometimes, it takes a bit of creativity, resourcefulness, and maybe a little DIY. One of the ways to make your home feel instantly inviting is adding life to it in the form of plants and flowers. I love flowers and will usually pick up a bouquet when I go grocery shopping. Publix hydranges are only $4 and will last up to 3 weeks if taken care of properly! I shared some tips on prolonging hydrangeas a couple of weeks ago. I also love succulents as they make wonderful, low maintenance indoor plants. 

IMG_2817This orchid was gifted to us by our friends, Angie and Jon last November! After the flowers died, I kept it because the green stem was so healthy. After many months, we got new blooms recently! I usually have a black thumb when it comes to orchids but I think it really loves this spot in my kitchen.

IMG_3492Last week, my mom took the green shrub (I think it’s a peace lily?) outside and gave it a good thorough cleaning and watered the roots. She even cleaned the leaves with mayonnaise? I’ve never heard of that before but look how shiny she is looking now with her glossy leaves! My mom has a total green thumb so I learn some good tips from the master. I added some greenery to my entryway and it just looks more summery now. 


You can also use faux greenery to decorate a space as long as they have a natural appearance and don’t scream fake. My in-laws gave us some great faux pieces when they retired from their flower shop business. 

IMG_2823I placed some faux viburnum in a pitcher on the mantle.


The mantle has been neutral for a few months now and even though I like to change it up, I’m really loving this look. I love the natural look the DIY bookpage wreath and books give to this space. The antlers are sporting some beads that JJ brought home from school because I like to add a little whimsy to home decor. That stick was also a great find from the yard from JJ! 


There’s a fake fern hanging out behind the couch. It brings a little something extra to this corner of the room. 
IMG_3457My mint has been growing in abundance so I’ve been sharing some with friends and putting them in mason jars around the house. Remember those simple DIY mason jars?

IMG_2822I love getting clippings from the garden and yard! 

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to decorate your home, try adding a few plants here and there. It really brings life to a space and it’s great for the air! You can find all sorts of colors, shapes and textures of inexpensive house plants and they can be a great piece of home decor in your abode. 

Have a great weekend, friends!


For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

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