Christmas with my MINions

December 26, 2014

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So yeah, the other day, the kids wanted to make some gingerbread houses. I love crafts. Let me rephrase. I love crafts that are not for children haha. Trying to be a good mama, I got out some graham crackers, candies and some homemade frosting I had in the fridge. It wasn’t enough so I also gave them cream cheese. I figured the cream cheese would act as a stronger bonding agent for the crackers and candies. Hmm. let’s just say that these came out super ghetto after falling down multiple times. Okay, let me rephrase again. The kids made some beautiful gingerbread houses. They were so happy with them and it just shows that kids, for the most part, are very easy to please.  We kept it for a few days but we threw it out after the frosting and cream cheese started to turn yellow. ewwwww.  Next year, we will make the ones that come prepackaged and ready to assemble. #liveandlearn


The kids were excited to wake up and check what Santa brought them. Every year, we always make them wait a little because we want to start out with a time of prayer. Surprisingly, they are pretty patient and it really helps to focus on the giver of all gifts. I’m talking about #jesusnotsanta. JJ loooooooves pistachios and my sis and bil send him some. He was real happy about those nuts! At one point during the day, he was chomping on them and saying out loud, “why are these so good?” LOL I love this kid.

IMG_6740 (2)My 3 Min-ions. This is the 3rd Christmas in our house and there are already so many memories made here. I’m thankful for these precious kiddos. I can’t believe there was a point years ago when I struggled with infertility. When I look at this photo, I am speechless and humbled.

IMG_6742Grandparents with the kiddos. I’m super thankful that my rents live so close and we can see them anytime.

IMG_6764 (2)We hosted Christmas dinner with our family and some friends. This year, Jesus got two birthday cakes! I love making this chocolate quinoa cake. YES, I said quinoa. It’s amazing and FLOURLESS! It’s basically all protein so you can eat it for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and dessert. That’s what I tell myself anyways. I will share this recipe soon. The other bundt cake was pumpkin spice.

IMG_6757 (2)Here’s a major closeup. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics of the food but hubby grilled pork chops and I prepared a bunch of sides including creamed corn, roasted vegetable medley, kale salad and mac and cheese. Talk about food coma. Oy….it’s time for zumba.

IMG_6770 (2)The night couldn’t just end without some kind of craft. My girlfriend liked all the chalkboards in the house so I gifted her this one with her favorite scripture. This was a wooden tray I just repainted and distressed with some gold rub-n-buff along the edges.

Hope everyone else had a most wonderful Christmas!

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