Marshmallow heaven

December 29, 2014


I know you want to take a bite into your screen right now.  These marshmallows are as fluffy as they look and they are so much better than the store bought ones. I started making these fluffy pieces of heaven a few years back with my sister and now they have become a yearly tradition. I think they just go so well with cold weather because duh….. hot chocolate and hot cocoa!

IMG_3860 (2)

SEE?!!!! #favoritemug

The best part is that they are actually really easy to make just as long as you have a candy thermometer. I know… so lame. But really, it’s only $10 at Target and I have used mine a bunch of times already. It’s totally worth it.

IMG_6703 (2)

I made vanilla and two different types of candy cane marshmallows. For the candy cane ones, just smash them into bits and press the sticky sides of the marshmallows onto the candies before dusting them with the sugar/cornstarch mixture. If you do decide to make these, you must eat them immediately because they do not package well. I learned this because after I packaged them, they turned really gooey and super sticky.

IMG_6708 (2)

The kids are always so excited to eat these. I mean, who wouldn’t be?!

IMG_6697 (2)

Another close up. I mean… yum a lum in my tum!

I used one particular recipe every year until I recently saw a similar one from one of my favorite instagrammers. Here are a few tips I want to share when making these delicious pieces of heaven.

-Don’t forget to keep an eye on the thermometer! I forgot for a few seconds one time and the temp went up to 280. I then had to wait for it to decrease in temp and it slowly started to harden the corn syrup mixture. The marshmallows turned out smaller and not as fluffy. Pay attention and make sure to turn off the heat right at 240.

-I like to line the pan with plastic wrap and then spray with cooking spray. Then I shake and spread the cornstarch/powdered sugar mixture to coat the pan. When the marshmallows have set, the plastic wrap makes it easy to lift the entire block of marshmallow out and then peel off. You can use the parchment paper as the recipe suggests but plastic wrap is cheaper and more accessible.

-Feel free to add more to the cornstarch/powdered sugar mixture so that they are well coated and not sticky

-Share with family, neighbor, friends, strangers, etc. You will be everyone’s new bestie 😀

420646_10150523645352085_1447741946_n (2)

Here’s one final picture. #stoplickingthescreen

Go make some and enjoy!





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