Make your own California roll

June 5, 2015

I know this is probably a staple in a lot of Asian homes but I thought I would share a super simple meal that has little prep work involved. I love CA and sushi rolls. This is a much more cost effective way to make and eat them at home. The fun part is you get to roll them yourself and use the ingredients of your choice. My kids love to eat meals that they have prepped so this makes a great and simple lunch or dinner.


  • dried seaweed
  • avocado
  • imitation crab meat
  • cucumber 
  • white sticky rice
  • soy sauce and wasabi sauce


You can usually find sushi seaweed in your grocery store nearby where they sell sushi rolls. I like to buy most of the ingredients at the Asian market. These are not roasted or salted. 


I like to buy this brand of imitation crab meat. Make sure to thaw it for a couple of hours before serving.


Strip the crab meat by hand along with slicing your avocados. I use a julienne slicer for the cucumbers. You can also just thinly slice them. My mom also serves this by adding a few more ingredients like sliced green peppers and sliced fried eggs. 


Cut the the seaweed diagonally so you have triangles. Place your rice and the rest of the ingredients in the middle and fold each in each side. Mix your wasabi with some soy sauce in a bowl.

IMG_2360See how easy! LOL my hands always have dried paint on them. ALWAYS. 

IMG_2361Dip in sauce, eat and repeat!

IMG_2362My kids love making these rolls. People ask me all the time how to get their kids to stop being so picky. I have one child who is a little less willing to try some foods than the other two but for the most part, they eat what’s served. I tell them you either it or you don’t eat anything. I know, I’m so cruel πŸ˜€ I think it helps to expose them to different foods consistently and allowing them to help prepare some of the meals. I’m still working on this with my kids so if you have super picky kids, don’t despair! Just keep trying and don’t give up. 

Also, if you ever thought how I keep my house so clean all the time…. WELL, the answer is it isn’t!! Check out my desk. That’s just one messy area out of a dozen. #keepitreal

IMG_2364This is simple and healthy meal for everyone. I love eating this in the summer time because it’s so fresh.


Have a great weekend, friends! Thanks, friends for your comments and messages regarding my post about, “Being Brave.” I praise Him for speaking to your heart. 


I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth. Job 19:25

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