Make it Easy Mondays: Naan Pizza

January 26, 2015

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Naan pizza is always a hit in our household. It’s also a great meal when entertaining and fellowshipping with friends too. I can’t really call this a recipe because you just throw some things on the naan and that’s it.  All you need is a bag of naan (flatbread found in grocery stores), a can of tomato paste, veggies, meats and shredded or fresh mozzerella cheese. 

When we have more time and invite folks over, Jimmy likes to grill them outside.  They are da bombdiggity. Typically on a school night, I will just bake them in the oven as it cooks in like 5 minutes! It’s seriously so easy and faster than getting pizza delivered to your door. 


It’s even faster when I put them in my convection toaster oven. See, just put a little bit of the tomato paste (you can use a jar of spaghetti sauce too but it’s a bit runny) on the naan. 

IMG_7380Add your cheese like so. That’s literally it. 

IMG_7382 (2)One of the best ways to use a rotisserie chicken is making a bb-que chicken naan pizza! I just use shredded chicken, bb-que sauce, spinach and cheese. So easy and so good.

IMG_7394 (2)Oh yeah!!! Love that fresh mozzarella! Jimmy and I love it all loaded up with some red pepper flakes. 

Here are our favorite concoctions.

  • Bb-que: bb-que sauce, shredded chicken, spinach, cheese
  • Hawaiian: t tomato paste, pineapple, ham, cheese, maybe some bacon! 
  • Cheese (lots of it)
  • Margherita: tomato paste, basil, sliced tomatoes, cheese
  • Veggie: tomato paste, onions, green peppers, mushroom, spinach, cheese
  • Sausage: tomato paste, cut up and cooked chicken apple sausage and cheese

The possibilities are endless. It’s great for entertaining so people can choose their own flavors. I also like to make a lot and keep them in the fridge for the rest of the week. I just toast it and it’s as just as good. Make it an easy Monday and try it out!

IMG_7389 (2)Have a great Monday, ya’ll! 

<>< Yuni

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