Egg Avocado Salad

April 24, 2015


Hi Friends! Hope you had a great week. My sister brought up the fact that I haven’t posted a recipe in a while so I thought I would post this really simple and healthy recipe. My friends and neighbors, Sara and Young make this often and told me about it.  Ever since, I’ve been hooked! It’s a great simple meal to have for lunch or even a midday snack. 


All you need is one hard boiled egg and half an avocado.


I use a small whisk to mash the two ingredient. Season with salt and pepper to taste. The avocado is such a healthy alternative to mayo. I love adding thinly chopped pickles too. My kids eat this up!

You can put it in between two pieces of bread or add it in a salad. I love toasting my bread and putting it all on one slice.

IMG_1770So yummy! I don’t even miss the mayo. 


Yup. I gotta big mouth. Enjoy, friends!!


Oh yeah, here’s my kitchen update after hitting some snafus. So much brighter right? I predict this will take us a couple of weeks since we’re moving at a snail’s pace. πŸ˜€

<>< yuni

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