Painted Pumpkins

September 21, 2015

Oh man, it definitely feels like a Monday! Emmy woke up at 4AM screaming, “No buggie, NOOOOOOO!!!!” She thought there was a bug in her crib but it ended up being a flower hairpin. #lifewithkids Oh man, fun times. 

Anyways, hope you had a great weekend. I turned a year older this past weekend and I’m not mad about it! Jimmy let me sleep in and I got treated to breakfast in bed from the family. 


Wow, I think that was my first time having breakfast in bed! I felt like royalty. 


We had to take some goofy pics with my bedhead and stankity breath since that’s how we roll around here. I look at these little gremlins of mine and even though at times I complain, I’m truly thankful for my muffin top, laugh lines, and soon to be gray hairs. People say as you get older, the more comfortable you are in your skin and I totally agree. I don’t think I could’ve said that in my twenties but I’m learning to embrace all the imperfections that make up who I am. Have you seen this? So funny!

download (2)

Today, I wanted to share my Fall entryway with you. I’ve been leaning towards a lot of cream whites, pale pinks, and lots of natural greens. Every summer, I plant a couple of perennial plants with hopes they return the following year. This year, I was so happy to discover the pink blooms called Sedum thriving in the yard. They make beautiful cuttings as they last for weeks. They start off green in the summer and slowly turn to a darker pink. They are really beautiful!


See those white pumpkins? I actually painted them. Since I don’t have a picture of what they originally looked like, but here’s what they looked like last year. 


You can find these goofy looking orange pumpkins anywhere. I didn’t love the carved face so I turned them around outside in our front entrance. Last year, I spray painted them gold. 


This year, I decided I to paint them a distressed white so I just used some latex paint I had on hand and it took me less than 10 minutes to do both. I also gave a light green coat to the stems. 


I decided to keep one gold but love the new look! 


Oh I love Fall so much. The colors of the leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, boots, sweaters, hot tea, chili, pumpkin farms, cold weather, everything!!


See that Sedum? They are a type of succulent and one of the easiest plants to grow. 



I even changed up our rustic chalkboard and wrote down the lyrics to one of my favorites songs. 


Are you excited for Autumn?


You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. Psalm 16:11

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