Our Kitchen Before and After

May 11, 2015


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating Mother’s Day. Jimmy let me sleep in and made me a yummy breakfast. I’m certain that letting me sleep in is the best gift anyone can give me. Sleep is so precious! This morning, I was up before 5:30 with Emmy. She’s been waking up super early everyday ever since she broke her leg. She takes her cast off tomorrow and gets a flexible one! Woohoo! 

For Mothers Day, my kids cracked me up with their precious, handmade gifts. 


Wow, I didn’t know I was so “frazing!” Man, that’s the best compliment I’ve received all week! #MOTHES #frazing


Love these poems!! I am so nice. I make rice 😀 lol!!! These poems were the best!


JJ made a really beautiful pen and pen holder from a can and also this lovely self-portrait! Gotta love my crafty, diy kids. So handsome right?? 😀

I’m really thankful for these 3 precious babies. I’m honored to be their mom and my life is all the more richer, fuller and joyful with them in it. It’s also more crazy, tiring and exhausting! #keepinitreal BUT, I would not change anything. They teach me more about Jesus everyday and I know it’s a tough job but I believe motherhood was meant to be sanctifying. If you had a hard day, my heart goes out to you. Whether you’ve lost your mom, have struggles with infertility or have other hardships when this day comes around, know that your heavenly father loves you with an everlasting, infinite love! May the joy of the Lord be your peace and strength. 


So yes, the new kitchen is done. I’ll do a post on the method another day but for now, I wanted to share the pictures. It was definitely a ton of work and my biggest project yet to date. A few days after I started the project, Emmy broke her leg, other things in our home needed repair and it was just crazy. In retrospect, the timing probably wasn’t the best. Sometimes, I really pay for my spontaneity. During the same time, we had to get the exterior of the house painted (strict HOA) and my mom was so scared I was going to attempt to do that. LOL!! Can you imagine me standing on ladders outside painting the exterior of my house?! UM.. I love DIY and I’m crazy but I’m NOT that crazy! Obviously, my mom was relieved. She literally stated, “Yuni, please that is my worst nightmare!” Oh my sweet mother. 

Anyhow, now that it’s all done, I can’t believe how bright and beautiful the kitchen looks. Jimmy and I love it! I learned so much about the proper method to painting cabinets. I became very comfortable with the electrical sander (thanks, Kims) and Jimmy became a pro with the paint sprayer (thanks, Taningcos). It took us 2.5 weeks to complete. Enjoy the pictures and feel free to share this with anyone who is thinking about doing a similar project.

BEFORE: We bought our house in great condition and it’s about 9 years old now. The kitchen is my absolute favorite. I hang out here majority of the day. It’s truly the heart of our home.The island is where we hang out, eat, talk, do homework and crafts. It’s just a natural hang out area for everyone who comes into our home.


I crave sunlight and we only get it in here during the morning. By the time it hits noon, it already starts to get dark in the kitchen. The dark cabinets, wood flooring and granite made the room even darker. As you can see in the picture, it’s still bright outside but dark in the kitchen. 




Some parts of the cabinets were getting a bit scuffed up as you can see. That’s the natural part of living in a home!


It’s so weird to see these pictures now! It looks like a different kitchen!


Ok, you ready?


My baking area


Kitchen desk area. Remember that diy chair? I love that my rose bush is producing such pretty blooms.


I did a dark gray on the island. The color is called Dawn Gray from Behr Marquee in a satin finish. Oh, it’s such a good color. The gold hardware really stands out! I spray painted all the knobs gold cause you know. #goldlovah


We can’t believe the difference!!! Paint is amazing!

IMG_2041The transformation is astounding to me!


Here’s how I felt about completing it before Mothers Day 😀


IMG_2079 IMG_2076

We even took some Mothers Day pics in the new kitchen. #middlechild 

Here’s one more BEFORE and AFTER



Amazing right? I love the contrast between the light gray cabinets and dark gray island. The color from the cabinets is called Gray shimmer from Behr Marquee in a satin finish.

In the evening, it’s still so bright in the kitchen now because of the light cabinets. Oh man it took a lot of elbow grease but I think the results speak for themselves. If you’re thinking about doing this, it can be done! To have this professionally done, the estimate would probably have been somewhere around $4000. Our kitchen is rather large with 39 cabinets and 23 drawers. We spent less than $300 and have a ton of paint left over. If you have a smaller kitchen, I think it’s totally doable. I’ll post the details of this craziness sometime this week.

*EDIT: Here is the post with all the DIY tips for this project. It was truly a labor of love! Be sure to pin this image if you’re interested in a similar makeover. 


Who wants to come over, hang out and eat?! We love our kitchen as it’s the place where we share our love for hospitality. 

Have a great Monday!


Let all that you do be done in Love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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