ORC: Main Bathroom Week 1

April 5, 2017


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Hi friends! We’re still on full spring break mode over here but it’s also the first week of the One Room Challenge. Honestly, it totally crept on me and I didn’t realize until we were on vacation that I needed to whip up a post by today. You guys, I may be organized with certain things like my pantry, closet and kitchen but when it comes to deadlines and certain dates, I’m a mess. Hence, the eleventh hour baby shower.  Just goes to show, I’m far from perfect and I tend to work best under pressure. 

If you’re new to the One Room Challenge, here’s the scoop. The ORC is a six week challenge created by Linda from Calling it Home in media partnership with House Beautiful. Twice a year, Linda invites 20 bloggers/designers to transform a room in their house from start to finish and share all the details online within a six week timeline. Then there are a bunch of other bloggers like myself who are guest participants and join the ORC to tackle a room in our home that needs a bit of TLC. This is my third round and I’ve been able to transform our guest room as well as our youngest daughter’s room



AFTER: GUEST ROOM photo by Craig Obrist

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I love incorporating a lot of DIY into my designs because it brings a personal touch to the space. Plus, I love cutting costs where I can and learning new ways to build or repurpose items. I’m super happy with how the last two makeovers turned out and am hopeful about the next project. 

For this round of the ORC, I’ve decided to work on our main floor full bathroom. Kitchens and living rooms aren’t the only hardest working rooms in the home. This bathroom is the most used one in the house because it’s also the one right across from the guest room. 

It’s a standard builder grade bathroom with beige walls, cheap lighting and mirror. Since the house is approaching 11 years, the cabinets have lots of scuffs and the whole room needs a new paint job. Think messy little hands that have created lots of smudges and knicks along the walls. These are signs of life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

one-room-challenge-bathroom-makeover| loveyourabode |

one-room-challenge-bathroom-makeover| loveyourabode |-3 one-room-challenge-bathroom-makeover| loveyourabode |-2

It’s hard to take photos of this room due to the angle and no natural lighting. I plan on doing a facelift with some minor cosmetic changes to keep costs minimal. Changing out the light, mirror and repainting the walls will really update the look and brighten up the space. Plus, it will create a much more cohesive look with the rest of the house. I’m planning on painting over the cabinets as well as paint a Moroccan design over the floor tiles. I was inspired by my DIY saavy friend, Mysha at Remington Avenue after she painted over her bathroom tiles. 

one-room-challenge-bathroom-makeover| loveyourabode |-4

Here’s my current design board that I’ve created. I’m not using everything on here but it’s an inspiration board that’s giving me some ideas as I design the space. 


I plan on painting over the existing yellowish tiles in our bathroom with a Moroccan design. The vanity will also receive some black glossy paint and new hardware. 

This makeover wouldn’t be possible without my amazing sponsors who are providing some great products for this bathroom. A big thanks goes to Lighting Design, Lamps Plus and Hayneedle

I hope you’ll follow along with my progress and see the transformation take place in the next 6 weeks. You can follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook too. Thank you for reading, friends! You can see more of the guest participants here for the link-up


Let all that you do be done in Love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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