ORC Guest Room Makeover: Week 3

April 20, 2016


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Hi everyone! Can you believe it’s week 3 for the One Room Challenge?!!  You can read about Week One and Week Two just in case you’re new here today. If you’re new, welcome! I’m so glad to have you here following along my crazy one room challenge. I created a little mood board to show you the direction I’m taking this room. It has a lot of neutral whites, grays and golds. I typically love color but decided to keep this room neutral because I was envisioning a warm, inviting, and tranquil space. 

Do you remember where I started? Obviously, I didn’t even bother tidying it up for the picture. #keepinitreal


This third week was interesting because I ran into a few minor bumps. First, Mr Love Your Abode and I went to retrieve the vintage headboard in my best friend’s basement only to find out it was a full size. We had forgotten the size and what it even looked like. Well, the bad news is it won’t be used for the guest room since we really want a queen size bed in there. So, we will just be using the existing bed above. The good news is it will eventually go in my youngest daughter’s room when she moves out of her crib. Yes, I realize she’s almost 3 and still in the crib! She loves it in there and as long as we’re all getting wonderful sleep, that situation is not going to change. Or at least until her feet start sticking out of the crib. πŸ˜€

My sweet hubby installed the curtain rod and now it’s higher and wider. I put up two different curtains and I’ve decided on the stripes. I’m using a pair of the Ikea gray striped curtains on both sides to add more volume. I think they were around $17 for a pair so they were a great deal. 


When putting up curtains, always follow the rule of extending out your rods and heightening them. This allows your windows to appear larger. I’m only revealing the top half of the picture because I don’t want to show you the headboard and footboard I updated with chalk paint. It looks soooo good, ya’ll! Since I’m in another blog challenge in a couple of weeks, I have to keep it under wraps until then. 

Lamps Plus was kind enough to send me this beautiful gray chair for the ORC. It’s lovely and will provide a great little sitting area for my guests. 


I couldn’t help styling it. The white table was sitting in my closet and now it’s perfect in here. That’s what I call shopping the house!


I haven’t had a chance to paint this beauty yet but I’ll hopefully be working on it this week. I thought about keeping it in it’s natural state but it just wasn’t going with the rest of the room. 


Another minor bump is that we won’t be using the vintage dresser as space was limited after bringing in the chair and desk. Fortunately, that dresser matches the vintage headboard so both will go into Emmy’s room in the future. Plus, the guest room has a walk in closet so there’s ample space for guests to hang and store their clothes and belongings. Well, at least it’s one less thing for me to paint!

On Saturday after JJ’s soccer game, we were driving home and there was a neighborhood garage sale so we stopped by looking for nightstands. I immediately spotted a pair on one driveway and when I came out to inspect them, I heard a voice say, “Are you Yuni? I follow your blog!” It startled me but then I realized I had met Josee before through our mutual friend named Gen. It was really sweet and I was able to score a pair or really cool wooden nightstands for the guest room along with a pair of lamps. Thank you, Josee for providing me exactly what I needed without knowing it! Your home is gorgeous by the way!

I finished painting one nightstand and gave it a distressed look. I’ll also be adding some gold rub-n-buff to the handle. I just need to finish the other one now. 


So that about wraps it up! This week, I’ll continue to paint the rest of the furniture and clear some stuff out of the closet. I can’t wait to get to the decorating part. Thanks to my sponsors including Lighting Design, Sherwin Williams, Highland Hardware, and Lamps Plus, for all of the amazing products that are helping to complete this space. 


Thank you for following along and hope you have a wonderful day!

*EDIT: Here are weeks OneTwo, ThreeFourFive and the Final Reveal.


Let all that you do be done in love. I Corinthians 16:14

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