ORC: Emmy’s Room Week 2

October 13, 2016


Hey everyone! It’s already Week 2 of the One Room Challenge. I’m linking up at Calling it Home as a guest participant for the full 6 week challenge. For my first week’s post, I shared my before pics, mood inspiration board and a general plan of the room’s direction.


To be completely honest, I’ve been feeling challenged to go a bit more bold with the direction of this room. I’m feeling the desire to stretch my design skills and add a little more drama to the space. I don’t really want to makeover this room again down the road when Emmy gets older. I would love to just go with a more mature design so that she can have many years to grow into this room. With that in mind, I’m thinking of adding a slight modern twist that I can’t share yet. It will either be a total bomb of a failure or an awesome highlight to the room. I’m really hoping for the latter but I won’t know yet until I try it. Super vague I know!! Sorry, I will hopefully share more the next two weeks. 


This past week, I worked on updating this old dresser. The bottom part was really getting beat up and the whole thing needed a makeover. 


One of my sponsors is Velvet Finishes and my friend, Kellie Smith generously sent me a creamy white color. Here it is with one coat of paint. 


Here it is with two coats of paint. I decided it needed one more final coat.


I was happy with the third coat of paint. It leaves a slight undertone of the original color which I like. I left the dresser pulls as is but may change my mind later.


The room is currently a disaster zone. Emmy has the smallest bedroom and it only has one window so the lighting isn’t that great in here. That’s one of my reasons to update the furniture with white paint so that the small room looks bigger than it actually is.  


We brought the vintage bed in here and my plan for this week is to get that painted and assembled. 



Of course, I had to take a few minutes and style one pretty picture! It’s been a lot of fun receiving all the packages from my awesome sponsors. The chair, blanket and chandelier have all arrived and are simply gorgeous. 

Thank you to these amazing companies who have partnered up with me to make this makeover possible!

Thanks for following along, everyone!! You’ll want to check all the design bloggers’ progress as well as all of the guest participants this week. 

Have a wonderful day, friends!


Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

*edit: To check the progress from each week, click below. 

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