John’s NYC Studio Part 2

October 1, 2016


Hey guys, it’s been a whirlwind since I arrived into NYC late Thursday night. I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of the process since John and I had a blast. Photos always help to keep memories alive and I’m thankful for the time I got to spend with my brother. Plus, this gives you a little behind the scenes on the Before and After. If you follow me on IG stories, sorry you’ll see a lot of repeat photos! 


I arrived close to midnight on Thursday evening. Flying into La Guardia is so beautiful at night!




Friday morning, we went out to a really awesome antique store near John’s place. 


He found this treasure trove when walking around his neighborhood one day. I had been searching online for a vintage trunk for his studio but had a difficult time finding one. Luckily a few weeks ago, this is where he scored one for super cheap! Imagine him carrying that gigantic thing down the street to his studio. Oh the crazy things one does when they find a treasure! I totally understand this craziness. 


We scored on the coolest vintage projector for $30! We also found a vintage ship frame that I planned on putting on top of the dresser.


Cool right?! 


We got some street food because shopping is hard work, people! Then, we headed to few of my standard retail stores with my measuring tape on hand and a list of what we needed to find. When furnishing a home, it’s important to have a list so that when you go out, you’re focused on what you need to get and you don’t end up with unnecessary items. People tell me all the time how stressful the shopping part is because they are indecisive and don’t even know where to start. Start with plan, create a list and go from there. This is one of my favorite parts.  love coming up with a plan, designing, shopping and styling. 


I don’t know how these New Yorkers do it. I’m pretty sure if I lived there, my place would not be decorated. It’s so much work shopping in the city and lugging all your stuff around. Kudos to you, city folks! The line for Marshalls was at least 40 minutes long to check out. This country bumpkin was impressed. It rained all day so that was also a bit of a challenge but all in all, we got everything we needed to get in one day of shopping. 


For dinner, we had King of Falafel. Oh my gosh, so good. You guys know I love food so this part of the trip was pretty important to me. Luckily, my brother loves food as much as I do.


We went to a fun store called Fishs Eddy suggested by my friend, Sunny. John found a little dish that will make it’s debut in the makeover.


The next morning, we went to Ippudo’s because my friends have been telling me about their pork buns. We got both the chicken and pork buns and they are finger lickin delicious! They are the perfect blend of sweet and savory and the buns just melt in your mouth. Oh man, I’m definitely coming back!


The Japanese ramen is equally delectable. The weather was chilly so this was the perfect meal to warm our bellies.


Times Square is behind me so naturally, I had to take a tourist pic. #countrymouseinthecity


We walked to Radio City and took some pictures too. John is performing with the Rockettes for the Christmas Spectacular where he’ll be singing. I’m hoping Jimmy and I will be back next month to watch him perform inside Radio City.  


He starts rehearsals soon and this is the reason why he wanted to finish his studio this week. Once rehearsals and shows begin, he’s going to be super busy and really looked forward to coming home. This is the thing I love about decorating. It’s not just about making a home look beautiful. It’s about creating a haven for you when you’re out in the world doing all the things God has called you to do and to be. Home is your sanctuary and a place of rest, comfort and rejuvenation. 


This basil shrimp dish near John’s place was so good and the decor in the restaurant was equally amazing. 


Here’s the DIY shelf John put together after I sent him some inspiration photos. He actually stained the wood and put this entire thing by himself a few weeks ago. My DIY loving heart was super pleased with the results. 


The galley kitchen is upgraded and is a generous size for New York. I can’t wait to show you the AFTER!!! Stay tuned, friends. John is super excited and happy with the results so my job is done!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! I can’t wait to go home and kiss my babies. Thanks to my amazing hubby for letting me go on this trip and the extra support from my extended family and girlfriend, Jennifer who helped watch my kids this morning. So thankful for my community!

I’ll share the results of the studio transformation soon!

*EDIT: Be sure to check out the Final Reveal post!


Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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