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September 25, 2016


Hi everyone! Did you all have a chance to see my Fall Tour as part of the awesome blog hop that took place this past week? If not, there’s still time to check it out and see all of the other amazing bloggers’ homes. There’s so much good inspiration to be found! 


For the last couple of months, I’ve been working with my brother, John on his NY studio apartment. He hired me to design and decorate his new place and it has been so much fun collaborating together on this fun project. For the last two years, John has been traveling non-stop as he was a part of the National Broadway tour of Cinderella. Last spring, my daughter and I flew out to CA to watch his debut as the prince. He also came home in Atlanta to perform at the Fox. As you can imagine, having a place to call home has been a dream after traveling extensively. His job always sounds so exciting to everyone but I know it was a ton of work performing at least 8 shows a week. After moving back to the city, finding a place to call home was high on John’s list. 


Thankfully, John found a place he loved and he was lucky because his landlord renovated the studio before moving in. The bathroom and kitchen received the biggest transformation. We basically started with a blank slate. Since I was designing the space remotely, I had to get exact measurements for everything. John and I face timed every day and we had a lot of fun scheming, shopping and see his home slowly come to life. I even got him to do a good amount of DIY like these rustic shelves he stained! 

john-studio-nyc-before | loveyourabode |

I apologize for all the grainy shots but they were all from his phone. Hopefully, you get the general idea. 





This is the entrance where it has a small foyer before you step into the kitchen. Since he’s a minimalist, we went with a rustic industrial vibe throughout his space. 


The bathroom and kitchen look so much better now that it’s updated. 

john-nyc-studio-makeover-loveyourabode john-nyc-studio-makeover-loveyourabode-6 John is flying me up this week for a few days so I can finish the studio. I can’t wait to finish styling it and show you what we’ve done! Oh yeah, I can’t wait for all the yummy NYC food too! Stay tuned for the AFTER!! 

*EDIT: Be sure to check out Part Two for behind the scenes in NYC and the Final Reveal


Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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