JJ’s Room Makeover Details

October 5, 2015


Hope everyone had a great weekend. After a week of incessant rain, I’m so grateful to see the sun!

As promised, I wanted to share the details to JJ’s room makeover. Before taking on this project, I looked at his current furniture and inventory so I could figure out how to incorporate everything together. I knew I wanted to keep all the existing furniture. The only piece of furniture I redid was the antique dresser. 


One of the best things to do before embarking on a room makeover is to come up with a design plan. You can do this on pinterest or create a mood board so that you can gather inspiration and keep it in one place. You can narrow it down to a certain theme or by colors. Since JJ already had items that were red and blue, I decided the nautical theme would go best. I love the classic red, white, and blue colors and it went well with his neutral colored walls. Although I would have loved to add shiplap walls on one side, I really wanted to keep it under my budget of $100. 

Here are the items I purchased for the room. Everything else was already in his room or in a different part of the house. Always shop the house first! 

  • Nautical quilt from Homegoods: $14 on clearance!
  • Tommy Hilfiger curtains from Homegoods: $35
  • Curtain Rod from Homegoods: $15
  • Boat Oar from the Antique Market: $18 (originally $20 but I negotiated)
  • 2 red lockers from a garage sale: $6
  • jute rope from Home Depot: $5
  • thrifted frames: $2
  • vintage map: $0.25

TOTAL: $95.25 Technically, I spent even less because my SIL bought the boat oar. 

I love shopping at Homegoods, Marshalls, and Target for affordable home decor. I was really happy to find the quilt on clearance. The curtains were the most expensive item but they were still a great price for the quality and length. Plus, they fit perfectly with his room.


Garage and estate sales are awesome places to find unique items that are super inexpensive like those red lockers. When I saw them, I knew they would be perfect! Frames are always sold at garage sales. I bought a big box of white frames for only a couple of dollars along with the vintage map and I knew they would go over his bed. Again, come up with a plan so you know what to look for. It’s like going on a treasure hunt! 


This is the boat oar I purchased from the antique market. I went there in search of one and found one. All it needed was a coat of white paint and some stripes and it was as good as new again.


Jules and I gave it a couple of coats with some antique white latex paint. We already had hooks so Jimmy was able to install it quickly. 


I cut up the vintage map and just placed them in the frames. I wiped the frames down even though they were pretty clean to begin with.


This is a simple approach to a gallery wall because it’s all uniform. Sometimes, simple gallery walls make the most impact. 


Can I fill you in on a secret? If you have a bed against the wall, use a bed sheet as a bed skirt! I do this for Jules and JJ’s rooms because their beds are against the wall. It’s so much cheaper and it does the job of hiding whatever is under the bed. Just place the sheet under the mattress and align it properly so it hits the floor perfectly. In Jules’ room, I used an embellished curtain for her bedskirt. I’ll share that one day when her room is clean. ha! I placed JJ’s old Pottery Barn blanket at the bottom of his bed for extra warmth. That blue toy chest was bought a few years ago at a garage sale for a few bucks. It was built by the seller and works great in hiding toys, clothes, blankets, etc. 


I borrowed extra pillows from around the house. 


Originally, I wanted to glue the jute rope on JJ’s old letters but they weren’t sticking so I decided to just use the J to create the letter. This took a little bit of time because I had to hold it in place while the glue would dry. I framed it in his Pottery Barn frame and was happy with how it turned out. 


It fits just right in the frame!


The clock had a mini transformation. 


I hot glued the jute rope around the metal part to add to the coastal theme. 


I moved this chalkboard to JJ’s room and wrote a verse. We pray over JJ with this verse all the time. The lamp was moved from another room and works better in here now. 


JJ’s great grandmother’s dresser got the biggest makeover. 


The old antique dresser got a fresh coat of chalk paint. This bright blue paint was gifted to me. Yes, people buy me paint as gifts and I love it!! I also gave it a nice coat of clear wax after the paint was dried.


The flannel plaid handles were made from leftover fabric that I had. Do you remember when I sewed a bunch of napkins for my sister’s baby shower from a fitted bed sheet? I was really excited when I bought the plaid sheet set for our bed only to find out Jimmy’s skin wasn’t having any of it. #eczema The man can only use high quality cotton! So far, the handles have been working great. I just knotted it from the inside to prevent them from coming out. 


My little brother, David sewed that Michigan pillow for Jimmy when he was in home economics in high school. The pottery barn chair was moved from our media room and now resides here as JJ’s reading spot. 


This particular makeover was pretty simple since I didn’t have to paint the walls or change out any furniture. Hope this encourages you to be creative with what you already have and to be on the lookout when searching for unique items that make a bold statement in the room. If you have any questions, just shoot me an email at loveyourabode@gmail.com. Don’t forget to follow along on my facebook page as I like to share tips and ideas as well. 

Have a blessed Monday!


These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment in your courts  Zechariah 8:16

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