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August 24, 2015

Hey peeps, hope you had a great weekend! 

Last week, I did a quick little project to spruce up my island stools. When we bought our house three years ago, we had this huge island but no stools. At the time, we didn’t have a breakfast table either so we stood and ate around the island for almost a week. Due to not having time to shop around, I bought some plain black wooden stools from Target. They weren’t my first choice but they were practical and inexpensive. Plus, it’s quite difficult to find three of the same stools! 


Here’s the before pic. This was way before our kitchen makeover. The black stools always looked so dirty can you tell? Well, the same goes for my floor. #sigh #keepinitreal


I painted the legs with some chalk paint and made my own shade for the seats. They came out a little more blue than I wanted. I kept them this way for quite some time until last week. Since I never coated them with a protectant seal or wax, I knew they eventually needed another coat. 

IMG_4699I made some homemade chalkpaint with my leftover cabinet paints and gave them a fresh coat. After drying, I painted some grainsack stripes. I distressed the stripes after they were dried using a wet, soft brillo pad.


I love the casual feel they give to this space. I can’t narrow down my design aesthetic to one particular style but I always want to give off a casual vibe. I want our home to be welcoming, comfortable, and casual for everyone including our family.

IMG_3640Now, they match our breakfast set! If you want to refresh your space, I bet a little paint will do that. It’s resourceful and you can add your own personality. 


My friend, Elisa saw this next to the dumpster, picked it up, and gave it to me. Come see the transformation tomorrow on the blog!

Have a great Monday, folks!


Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice. 1 Chronicles 16:10

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