DIY Rustic Mason Jar

March 27, 2015


Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a great week. πŸ™‚  When my sister got married, she made these simple, rustic mason jars to hold tea lights in her reception area. After the wedding, I snatched some to keep for myself. These are really simple and when grouped together, they can create a beautiful centerpiece. I placed three across the table to hold some tulips and loved how elegant they turned out. You could use this for your Easter table next weekend! They are also beautiful for showers, weddings or just to use around your home. I love putting flowers in them and giving it as a gift to a friend or neighbor too. Wanna see how easy it is to make? Let’s gather our supplies.

IMG_1080You will need a mason jar or a Classico spaghetti jar like the one I used. You will also need some lace fabric, raffia, scissors and a glue gun.


Cut out the appropriate size of lace to go around the jar. Dab a little glue as you work and be careful because it’s easy to burn your hands! #likeidid Make sure to overlap a little and keep the beautiful uncut lace at the top. 


Take about 4 raffia strings and cut it at about 26 inches or however long you want it to look. Just tie a bow and that’s it!!


It’s super simple and beautiful. I love how the tulips look in them. 


Pay attention to the beautiful arrangement and not my scratched up table πŸ˜€ #keepinitreal

IMG_1091I even put one on my little tiered plate holder on the kitchen island.



I always save my Classico spaghetti jars and use them for future crafts or for drinking glasses. Lmk if you make these!

Enjoy your weekend, folks! 


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