DIY Kids Framed Silhouettes

May 1, 2015

IMG_1509Hi everyone! Today, I’m sharing a simple way to create silhouettes of your kids to put up in your home. I just updated the kids’ silhouettes because Emmy was only a couple months old when I created the last one. Because she was so young, her silhouette didn’t really resemble her. My BIL, James, said the picture more resembled Kim Jong-un because it kinda looked like a chubby blob. She was only 2 months old, people! But it was true so I was happy to finally update it because I don’t want people to think I have a silhouette profile of a communist in my home. Here is what it looked like previously. 


Haha, funny huh? Don’t laugh at my baby! Okay, so I also went more neutral. I love color but I love going back and forth from the two. 

Want to make your own? You are going to have your kids sit against the wall so you can make sure to get their profile shot. This is a little difficult with small kids because they don’t like to sit still. 

Deer caught in headlights. I had to have Jules sit in front of her to get her attention.

IMG_1466 IMG_1469 IMG_1471You also want to make sure you are taking the picture from the same distance away each time. It’s gonna take a little trial and error. Don’t get mad at your kids. Just give them a lollipop or something. The kids did great and I snapped some quick pics. They don’t have to be great quality just as long as they’re not too blurry.


Now, load them up on your computer and take a look. You’re going to print them out on cardstock paper. You can print on “draft” or whatever uses the lowest amount of ink as possible. Use small precise scissors to cut these silhouettes out. The more details you cut out, the better in my opinion. I think girls silhouettes look best when the hair is tied up in a ponytail. It gives their head better definition. Print them out. I used a 5X7 setting because that was the size of each frame. 


Start cutting! 


Cut them out and lay them on a flat surface. You want to make sure they fit well in the frame. 


 Flip them over to see if they resemble your kids.


Use the blackest paint you have. I recommend normal black craft paint. This time, I tried chalk paint and chalkboard paint. Make sure to protect your surface area with a paper bag or tarp.


You will need about 2 coats. Make sure it dries completely before you paint the second coat. The silhouettes will have a bit of texture to it but I prefer it that way. 


When they are completely dry, place them in your frame with some scotch tape to keep it in place. I didn’t use any background paper but just stuck it to the back of the frame because I loved the neutral color. 


 Easy Peasy!

IMG_1516Excuse the glare but I am loving the new silhouettes! I love it on my gallery wall in the family room. The blue frame was from Homegoods. The beautiful hydrangea was painted by Jimmy’s talented aunt and are some of my favorite flowers. I created that simple art underneath it and wrote in Joy with gold. Everything else was thrifted. 

I’ve been thinking of setting up an Etsy store for a while now maybe with chalkboard art and silhouettes like this. What do you guys think? I’m wondering if people would be interested in that.

Anyhow, I hope you guys have a beautiful weekend! This song is so simple and it’s been on my mind a lot as I worship Jesus throughout the week. Take a listen and I pray it will encourage you to worship Him even in the midst when life feels mundane. It’s in the those moments, we can really listen to his voice and choose to glorify Him even in the smallest of tasks. 


For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. 1 John 5:44

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