Client Project: Linda’s New Foyer

March 9, 2016


Hope you’re having a great week! I’ve been home nursing my sick kids back to health. I’ve also had the chance to work with a new decorating client who also happens to be my SIL!

My SIL, Linda recently moved into her new home and it’s right across from us. It’s literally the house adjacent to ours in the culdesac. It’s been a lot of fun going back and forth from houses and our kids especially love this new development. She asked me to help her decorate the new place which I was super excited to do. She’s still figuring out her style but a lot of her furniture pieces are either very traditional or very modern. I’m helping her soften some of the look of her modern furniture as well as bringing out a new edge from her traditional pieces. 


For her foyer, I was basically starting from scratch. This is what it looked like before they moved in. When you enter through the front door, there’s a huge wall on the left side. The hallway across from that wall is the entrance to the garage. It’s basically the first area you see when you enter the house through either door. I suggested getting a very long, skinny console table to lean against the wall. 


I went right to work and shopped at Homegoods because I find they have the most affordable furniture and furnishings for the home. I’m not getting paid to say that but if Homegoods decided to one day, I wouldn’t be mad about it! I bought all of the decor pieces, chairs, lamps, candles, lantern, faux plant, clock, baskets, and even the amazing console table from Homegoods. She originally wanted a gallery wall above the console table but when I saw that her large silver mirror still didn’t have a place in her home, I suggested trying it out above the table. We all loved it. It creates a grandness to the foyer area and offers a clean, simple look that a gallery wall wouldn’t be able to achieve in this area. She loves a simple, minimal look so I think we nailed that. It’s always a great idea to try to use what you have because it’s easier on the budget and you can give new life to your old decor by giving it a new home.


I decided to flank the console table with two upholstered chairs. Since she didn’t have enough chairs in the kitchen eating area, she wanted to buy a couple of chairs that could be easily moved to the area when friends or family came over to eat. This way, she can utilize the chairs when necessary but it also adds a softened, beautiful look to the foyer entrance.


I’m in love with the natural colored chair with it’s rustic legs. Linda wanted to lighten up this space because she wasn’t in love with the paint color on the walls. At first, she wanted some bright colors but I recommended going with a neutral palette to brighten up the space and tie it in with the other interior areas. Little pops of color can be added here and there in the future but since we’re planning on working on the other areas on the main floor, neutral is the safest way to allow the rooms to flow together. 


She doesn’t have a mud or coat area downstairs, so I placed two tall baskets underneath so the 3 boys can easily put away their winter accessories like scarves, hats, and gloves. Remember, I love when things are beautiful but functional as well. Linda also loves having an area to throw her house slippers in there. The baskets are tall enough so that they hide whatever is inside. She can add extra throw pillows, blankets, and summer accessories with the changing seasons.  


When I was shopping for Linda, I found this tray and all of the decor on it. I actually have this tray in a larger size when my friend, Unchong bought it for me recently. I love how basket trays add an element of texture. I used one of her hardback books to add height to the candle. This candle is battery operated because you don’t want to light real ones in this type of tray. The faux greenery adds a natural element and actually looks real in this area. 


A good rule of thumb is to place three items on a tray with varying heights. 


I was lucky to spot these two lucite lamps. They bring a modern glam to the space which Linda loves. It adds some feminine detail and the ribbon trim on the top and bottom of the shades add a touch of color.


The silver lantern holds a tall candle that can be lit. Since the console table is a bit more rustic, all of the silver details balance the overall look.


It’s a bit tricky trying to take pictures from the hallway but I think you get the gist. 


Once I was finished, Linda exclaimed, “I love it!!! Thanks for helping me love my abode!” I totally want to swap out foyers with her. Haha. She’s so happy with it which makes me even more ecstatic. I’ll share more once I finish some other areas on her main level. This area needed a lot of new decor but the other living areas will utilize her existing furniture with some new furnishings all on a budget. 

For sources on this foyer makeover, check out this post with some details on similar items. You can also see how I transformed Linda’s living room using her existing leather sectional. 

As always, thanks for stopping by!


He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way. Psalm 25:9

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