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July 20, 2016


Hey friends! As some of you may know, we we had the opportunity to be featured in the Living section for the Atlanta Journal Constitution. It was posted online on June 17th and you can find that feature here. You’ll find a bunch of photos of our home along with commentary underneath it. All photos were taken by Christopher Oquendo and the article was written by Lori Johnston. 

AJC also printed a one page feature for Sunday’s paper and we made sure to buy 2 copies of that. I gotta say, it’s pretty cool seeing your house in print! This was us on Father’s Day! The kids were so excited!


I wanted to clarify some things from both of the features as there were a few errors on some of the information. I received a question on a particular home decor item so I wanted to write up a post with some correct sources just in case a reader was wondering where the item was purchased. 

The photo from the guest room below stated I participated in the One Room Challenge and that it was a blogger competition. It was actually a blogger challenge. Also, the free botanical prints are from the New York Public Library Digital Collections. I found them from Emily Clark’s website where she shared the source for these prints. 


I cracked up when I saw our upstairs media room in the feature because I’ve never shared it before. I haven’t spent any time decorating this room so it’s pretty plain but it’s completely functional. We love watching movies up here with our kids and friends. It has also become the kids’ lego room. The Ikea bookshelves that were in the description are not shown in here because they’re against the wall. The one you do see was bought from Pier 1 Imports about 12 years ago. The blue rug was purchased from Rooms to Go. The black leather couches were bought from a friend. The three kids chairs are from Pottery Barn. In the hallway, the Asian console table is an antique find along with the mirror above it. 


In my dining room turned office, the bright bold rug is from Rugsusa. The chandelier is from Lighting Design. The bench is an antique that I reupholstered and updated with paint many years ago. I sewed bottom cushions for the bench and the white pillow covers are from Hobby Lobby. The curtains are from Homegoods and I added solid trim to the bottom to lengthen the drapes. The window pane is from Target. The baskets on top of the shelving are from Homegoods. All of my blue and white pieces were thrifted and I love collecting them. 


Here are a few more pictures from the online feature. 

061916_hf_private_16431 061916_hf_private_16351 (1) 061916_hf_private_16451 061916_hf_private_16481

Most of the other sources were written on the feature. If you have any questions on any items, don’t hesitate to email me at  


Since then, I’ve already moved stuff around again so it already looks different. What a surprise right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m truly thankful to use our home as a canvas where I have the ultimate creative freedom.  

Thank you, AJC for the wonderful feature. It was really neat to see our family and our home in the paper. Thank you, friends for reading and following along with Love Your Abode! Your support and encouragement mean the world to me.  I’ll be back in the swing of blogging in mid August after the kids get into the rhythm of school. Until then, I’ll be enjoying my time with them. Have a great day!


Let all that you do be done in love. I Corinthians 16:14

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