2015 in Review

December 29, 2015


Hey friends, can you believe it’s almost 2016?! I hope you all had a blessed Christmas spending it with loved ones. We had a busy and very full Christmas with lots of family and friends. I even made a five tiered cake because Jesus needs a cake for his birthday too! 


As 2015 closes, I’ve been reflecting on the many things that happened this year including this blog. I anxiously clicked, “publish” on my very first post about a year ago. I told Jimmy not to tell anyone because I was too nervous and self-conscious for anyone to read anything I wrote. First of all, my grammar is whack. Second, why would people be interested in reading anything this stay at home mama had to share? Third, I was scared of internet trolls. After some encouragement from Jimmy, my sister and friends, I dived in and you guys, I’m so glad I did! This past year has been one of God stretching and giving me confidence in my gifts. Decorating, crafting, cooking, baking, and DIY are all things I’m passionate about. It’s taken me some time to realize that these passions are God’s gifts to me. I love sharing about these things and it gives me so much joy when a reader shares that they had the courage to splatter some paint on a piece of old, ugly furniture or whip up something delicious in the kitchen. 

I’m still on a huge learning curve because Yuni + technology= doom. It’s true. Poor Jimmy has seen me curse under my breath at my phone or computer acting up way too many times. Let’s just say it has really been a test of patience and discipline figuring out things with this whole bloggy thing. This blog has been so good for me because it’s allowed me to have a creative outlet and I realize good things are meant to be shared. 

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting, sharing, diy-ing right along with me. Thanks to all the silent lurkers too. Please don’t be shy to leave a comment. I love and welcome them!

I thought I’d share a recap of 2015 and highlight some of the most popular posts to date. 

IMG_7056 (2)

4 Part Series on Community


Kitchen DIY Transformation


Blueberry Mochi Cake

20141225_125213 (2)

Hospitality and the Heart


Jill’s historic home tour


Honey Ginger Drumsticks


JJ’s Budget Room Makeover

IMG_7077 (2)

Chocolate Quinoa Cake


Dining Room to Office Transformation

Emmy Min First Birthday June 2014 (53 of 288)

Emmy’s Korean 1st Birthday Party aka Dohl


Master Bedroom Tour

wedding cake


IMG_6853 (2)

Korean Mandu Recipe This was my very first public post I published and we’ll be making these on New Year’s Eve! 

I picked up an SLR camera for the first time this past summer and I’m still learning how to utilize it. I really only know a couple of settings but you gotta start somewhere right? If anything, I’ve taken leaps in learning things that have intimidated me for quite some time and it’s been so good for my soul. I hope that as the new year arrives, you’ll try your hand at doing something new too. It doesn’t have to be huge but maybe God is pressing on your heart to be brave in a particular area of your life. Just trust him and do it! I really give all glory to God because He is the one that gives us passion, joy, and creativity. He is the giver of every perfect gift! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for letting my share my life, passion, and creativity with you all. Happy New Year, my friends!


Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! 2 Corinthians 5:17

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