Nora’s Dohl (1st Korean birthday party)

April 4, 2016



I have been wanting to share these pictures from my little niece’s first birthday party for some time now and am finally getting around to it! Jimmy and I flew up up to Boston for a few days last month to celebrate our sweet little Nora turning one. My sister, Yun Mi and her husband, James, threw an intimate gathering in their church. (Btw, we’re not twins. We just have similar names. It’s a Korean thing.) It was pretty relaxed and nothing crazy like the ones I threw for my kids. 


Nora getting ready for her party. Yun Mi and James borrowed my parents’ Korean traditional garments known as hamboks. Nora wore my youngest daughter’s hambok. I can’t believe a year has gone by already because it feels like we just celebrated her 100 day party not that long ago.


If you saw pictures from my youngest daughter’s dohl, you will remember those tassels. Well, I packed those things up nicely in a box and brought them with me. #awesomesisteraward  Jimmy and I spent time making those for our daughter’s dohl so you know they will be making appearances again and again. I think Yun Mi purchased the banner from Amazon. She bought those cardboard letters and the guys were busy glittering and bedazzling each letter the night before the party. 


Mr LoveYourAbode, James and my brother, John worked very hard getting their craft on! This makes my DIY loving heart so very proud!

Excuse the quality of all the pictures. I had a hard time figuring out my sister’s fancy camera and the party room had absolutely no natural light. 

IMG_8562-1 Our whole family minus my dad who had to work, flew up to Boston for the party. The 1st birthday aka “dohl,” is a pretty big milestone in Korean culture so it was really special to have most of our family together. 

IMG_8561-1I’m not sure what’s happening here and neither does Nora. 


My little brother, David flew up with his sweet girlfriend, Jaehee.



Every time I visit Boston, I must eat this delicious coconut cake from Wegmans. It is the bomb! 
IMG_8478-1Look how adorable Nora looks! Emmy’s dress fit her perfectly.

IMG_8439-1 IMG_8437-1

Korean rice cakes are a must for a dohl party. 


Good job, guys on the bedazzling!

IMG_8415-1 IMG_8421-1 IMG_8671-1 IMG_8745-1 IMG_8752-1 IMG_8755-1

Fresh flowers make the best decoration for any party. 


The proud parents thanking and praising God for an amazing first year with Nora. 

IMG_8551-1 IMG_8617-1

My brother, John took some time off Cinderella and flew to Boston to celebrate with us. His tour will be ending soon!


Beautiful family


IMG_8530-1 IMG_8539-1


Tweed jackets. Who wore it best? 



IMG_8695-1 IMG_8729-1 IMG_8761-1

IMG_8735-1 IMG_8739-1 IMG_8666-1Here she goes picking her future for the doljabi. 

IMG_8808-1 IMG_8824-1Nora chose the stethoscope after a few minutes of going back and forth and teasing us. 


“AHHHH gimme that cake!!”


“Who are these people and why are they staring at me?”


“Mom, are you for reals letting me eat that?”


Happy Birthday, Nora! We love you and thank God for your life. You are precious in every way. 


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

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