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March 16, 2015

Hey Friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We enjoyed lots of family time, beautiful weather, birthday parties and some spring cleaning around the house.

Our friends invited us over for a spring roll dinner! #community
my niece is just so perfect!
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nene and her lil lamb #idie




My 21 month old riding is already riding in big swing!



We celebrated Pi(e) Day with taco pie. yummmmm

Over the weekend, I was talking to one of my girlfriends about organization. Organizing doesn’t come naturally to her but recently, she just finished sorting, donating and organizing her closet. She said she felt so refreshed. If organizing doesn’t come easily to you, I suggest starting small. Starting is the hardest part because it can be overwhelming. I love organizing my pantry, kitchen shelves, drawers, etc. I know, I’m really weird! Although I love having things organized, I still struggle to keep them that way, especially with 3 little ones in the home. I notice that when I’m organized, I waste less time looking for something and I get less stressed with seeing clutter. 

Today, I’m sharing a simple tip on organizing your Tupperware. Honestly, Tupperware can be messy and seriously annoying but most of us can’t live without it. I have to reorganize this drawer about once a month because for some odd reason, it looks like this! #keepinitreal


I blame it on being lazy and throwing them back in the drawer after they’re clean. I also blame my little one who loves to go in there and take everything in and out. If you have a deep drawer in your kitchen, I recommend using it to store your Tupperware. I’ll share some ideas a bit later for people who only have cabinets. 


When organizing something like Tupperware, take everything out. This is a great time to get rid of old containers or ones that are missing lids. I wiped the drawer clean after taking everything out. 

I find all the largest containers and stack them inside each other and place the lids right next to them. I do that with the rest of the containers and either place the lids next or under them. This literally took me only a few minutes to do!


Ahhh so much better!


They all fit with space leftover. When I organize a simple drawer like this, it’s easy to pick out exactly what I need. There’s no wasting time looking for a container and it’s matching lid. 


Here are some ideas I found on pinterest for those of you who have cabinets. 


I like how this person stacked the containers and used a cabinet hangover to maximize space and place all the lids. 







This idea works well if you use one specific brand of containers. 


This is also an efficient and aesthetically pleasing way to store all the containers and lids. If the lids are small, you could use another larger bin to hold them all in one place.

So there you go! Hope this post helps. Remember, if organizing makes you feel overwhelmed, try setting one small goal at a time. Maybe today, you can organize your shoes, batteries or Tupperware cabinet. Have a great Monday!

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