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December 15, 2015

Giftwrap 1

Last week, I contributed a post at Orgjunkie. I’m sharing it on the blog in case you missed it.

This year with the holidays right around the corner, I decided to stay organized with all of my gift wrapping and Christmas card supplies. One tip I tried this year was to wrap presents as they came in instead of waiting till the night before Christmas. This way, the gifts look beautiful under the tree and I can spend quality time with my family on Christmas eve. I know the holidays can be stressful but I’ve noticed that a lot of that stress is pressure we put on ourselves. I’m all about minimizing stress and focusing on the important things this season. If decorating stresses you out, keep it minimal! If sending out cards is stressful but you still want to do it, send it via social media or email! If buying gifts is overwhelming, focus more on spending quality time doing a shared activity together with your loved ones.

Giftwrap 2

I love sending out cards every year and I noticed one way to make it easier is to create a little station so that everything is in one area. As much as I love decorating for Christmas, gift wrapping is not really my jam. Most of my wrapping paper is stored in a long, flat plastic container that slides under the bed. This year, I decided to keep some out for easy access. I took a basket from another room and placed all the wrapping paper in there. It’s actually pretty to look at too!

Giftwrap 3

I took my cutlery basket and repurposed it to hold all of my wrapping and card supplies. The slots create nice dividers to hold my yarn, scissors, cards, envelopes, address stamp, tape, and markers. It’s easy to carry and everything is one place. After the holidays, it will go back to it’s original purpose.

Giftwrap 4

You could even put everything in a box and use containers to hold items like scissors, markers, etc. Those containers were old oatmeal containers. I hot glued some pretty scrapbook paper and now they’re pretty and functional.

Giftwrap 5

These now rest on my console table in my dining room turned into office. I usually just sit on the floor and wrap gifts as they come in one by one. I’m actually enjoying it this year since I’m not running around looking for supplies. I also love that the cards are in one place. I can carry it anywhere to write them and have them ready to mail out.

Giftwrap 6

I also kept it very simple and decided to go with neutral and simple wrapping. You can’t beat brown packaging paper from the dollar store, yarn, and boxwood clippings from the yard. I wrote the names of the recipients too so I didn’t have to add any labels or tags. Again, simple and still visually appealing.

Giftwrap 7

Here’s a little image from my Christmas home tour two weeks ago. What are some simple organizing tips you like to use during the holidays to make your life easier?


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