Make It Easy Mondays: Organized Snacks

February 2, 2015

I hope everyone had a blast watching the Superbowl and filling their bellies with all sorts of delicious food last night. I had to cut the night short since we had one little babe get sick early that evening. I still had way too many chicken wings and so today I’m wearing stretchy pants. 

Today’s post is all about organizing snacks in your pantry. I have a little system in our pantry that has been working well for us and it saves me a lot of time during the week. Our pantry is more like one large cabinet. The advantage is that a lot of food can be stored in there because it’s pretty deep but the con is that it can get lost in the back and gets difficult to keep track of what we have.

Since we pack lunches and snacks every day for school, I needed a way to expedite this process. It’s also great for when I go out with the kids and need to throw some snacks into my purse or diaper bag. 


On Sunday, I take out all of the snacks and put them on our island. I bought all of these inexpensive containers from Ikea. The wire bin was used in the garage to hold all of the kids’ balls and outdoor toys until I realized they fit perfectly in the pantry. I like to keep all the snacks in containers so they stay fresh longer and I know how much we have in stock. I assort snacks into snack or sandwich sized zip lock bags and place them in the blue baskets that I bought from the dollar store. 

IMG_7607After packing enough snacks for the week or more, I place them into the baskets. Most days I choose their snacks but since it’s easily accessible, they can pick their own and pack it in their bookbag too. 


Gummy snacks go into a smaller basket and the other blue basket holds breakfast/granola bars and bags of cracker, nuts and cookies. There’s another blue basket holding other little baggies of assorted snacks. 


 This system is seriously a time saver!

IMG_7615I refill any empty containers with more snacks and place them back into these wire baskets. I love these because now I can just slide it out and see all the containers without searching for them. 


 Cookies, nuts and more snacks go on the other side. 

IMG_7613Jules says, “mom, i love this set up. you are totally rad!” #oknotreally  But she was happily helping me refill the snack containers. #morelikeeatingthem

IMG_7617So organized! I love it! I also put cereal in containers as they stay fresh much longer. Growing up, my mom kept all the cereal in Tupperware containers and so I always thought that’s just what you did. I keep all our breakfast items like oatmeal and grits behind the cereal containers. 

If you have kids or just like to eat a lot of snacks, try out this method to see if it works for you. It has been a total time saver for us especially since I have to pack lunches and snacks everyday. Hope this tip was helpful. 

Have a blessed start of the week!

<>< yuni

Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8
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