DIY Hairpin Holder

November 16, 2015

Hey folks, if you missed my post last week at Orgjunkie, here it is. This is a great way to organize all those hairpins for your little girls. This would also make the perfect Christmas gift!

hairpin 1

If you have little girls in the house, you probably have something that looks like this.

hairpin 2

If you love little girl hair accessories like I do, these pins might be stashed in a drawer or container. 

I have an easy DIY project to help organize hairpins and barrettes. It’s easy enough for the most uncrafty person! A few years ago, my friend and I sold handmade hairpins, but now I just like to give them as gifts to friends. Since I have two daughters, I’ve made numerous hairpins for them and their friends. Here’s one inexpensive way to organize them.

hairpin 3

Gather your supplies. You will need a lighter, glue gun with a gluestick, key ring, long ribbon, and a thin piece of wood that’s sold in craft stores. You could really use anything that has a flat back and has a bit of weight. Wood pieces, like the example you see above, are less than $.99 at the store. I just grabbed some satin ribbon that I already had. I also like to use thick grosgrain ribbon. 

hairpin 4

Cut your ribbon to the preferred length and singe both ends with the lighter. This prevents any fraying. 

hairpin 5

Fold the end over the keyring and hot glue it down. Next hot glue the other end of the ribbon to the back of the wood piece.

hairpin 6

That’s it! Just hang it on a thumb tack on the wall in the girls’ room. Place all your hair pins by clipping them on the ribbon. It’s functional and pretty! These also make wonderful gifts. 

hairpin 8

It’s easy access and you have a way to store these accessories so they have a proper place. My girls like to choose the ones they want to wear to coordinate with their outfits. 

hairpin 7

You can create longer or shorter holders. It’s your preference! The great thing is that they don’t take any space in drawers. Hope you found this simple DIY helpful!


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