Adding Glam to your Boudoir- A Blog Hop

July 13, 2016

Adding Glam to your Boudoir-pinnable

Hey everyone! 

If you’re linking over here from my friend, Erica Cook at, welcome! I’m so thrilled you are here. If you’re a regular reader, I’m so glad you have come to join me again as I share more of my home with you. Today, I’m sharing my little jewelry area in my master bedroom. Recently, I moved my favorite pieces of jewelry from the bathroom to the dresser area in our master bedroom suite.

A while ago, I found this pretty pedestal dish at a garage sale for a couple of bucks. It’s beautiful when used for food like my cruditรฉ platter. Since I love repurposing things in my home, I decided to use it to hold some of my most worn accessories. It’s such a pretty dish and I hated seeing it just sitting on the shelf waiting for the next party. 


I’m a creature of habit so I usually wear the same earrings until I tire of them. I typically like to wear studs during the week and then dangly hoops on the weekends. I’m crazy like that. ๐Ÿ˜‰


The lip of the bowl holds all of the longer earrings while the actual dish holds my most worn studs and a few bracelets. 


Can you tell I lean heavily towards gold? #goldluvah I also have a bust that I use to hold a bunch of my bangles and bracelets. It’s funky and quirky just like me. I like to think outside the box when it comes to displaying my things. I love how the bust serves as decor but is functional too. I hung some of the bangles on the shoulder and then dangled a couple of other ones. Do you like how I added one on top of his head? Quirky I tell you! 


This display sits atop the dresser that I refinished a while ago for my master bedroom makeover.


My wedding rings, watch and my husband’s tie clips all sit together on top of the dresser. I think some items are best left in their original boxes. 



I hope my post gave you some ideas to think outside the box when it comes to displaying your jewelry. I don’t own a ton of jewelry but what I do own, I wear a lot! I have some other pieces in the bathroom but those aren’t worn as frequently. 

I hope you feel inspired to look through your own jewelry and find a way to display some of your favorite pieces. Thank you for joining me here and hope you come back soon! Be sure to find me on Facebook and Instagram.  I invite you to hop on over to Kim and Lacey’s blog, Styled With Lace and find even more inspiration! I am loving the ideas shared today. Don’t forget to share these ideas on Facebook or pin them on Pinterest so that you have them when you decorate your own space. 

Adding Glam to your Boudoir-pinnable

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