Christmas 2014 Home Tour

December 18, 2014

IMG_6611 (2)

Welcome!! Here is our front door wreath again! I’d say it’s a little traditional, glam and classic.

IMG_6614 (2)

I made this little arrangement by the front door with some icy branches adorned with red, jeweled ornaments.

IMG_6595 (2)

When you enter our house, there’s a small area for a console table. I cut and hung up some plaid fabric for the burlap wreath. The mirror on the table was left on the street to be thrown out and when I saw it, I made Jimmy bring it home. He’s quite used to my crazy shenanigans so he didn’t ask any questions haha. It was pretty beat up so it just needed some white paint and now it’s perfect. I love how it fits exactly in the little nook as if it was always meant to be there. I made the glitter wine bottles for Emmy’s 1st birthday party and it adds some Christmas sparkle.

IMG_6590 (2)

The dining room console table has our advent tree. I made these paper ornaments a few years ago and the kids memorize a different name for God every day. I love how much they actually retain this and it has helped our focus to be on Jesus during this advent season. I made the white cake stand a while back and it’s perfect for the candles. The shorter cake stand was an old, green one that I spray painted gold because I’m a #goldluvah.

IMG_6586 (2)

This is a dresser behind our couch in the family room. One day, I will share the tutorial on the dresser because it was repainted with homemade chalk paint. I really love how the classic look of black and white stripes can fit into the Christmas theme. I like to cut boxwood branches and dry them in a vase as shown above.The striped ribbon also adds that extra detail.

IMG_6584 (2)

Here’s the mantle in all of it’s glory! I have an ornament for each one of our kids that I bought for their first Christmas and it’s hung over their stocking. Again, I love the b&w stripes with the plaid!

IMG_6605 (2)

Here’s our Christmas tree in the family room. When Jimmy’s parents retired from their flower shop, we acquired tons of home decor, seasonal decorations and furniture. We really lucked out because when we bought our home a couple years ago, we were able to furnish it with a lot of the things they generously passed down to us.

IMG_6601 (2)

Here’s a little nook in front of the main bathroom.

IMG_6619 (2)y

We have another Christmas tree in the playroom.  I love having the tree here because of the bay windows and how it looks from outside at night. I made this simple tree skirt after seeing Courtney’s tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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