It’s officially Summer Break!

May 31, 2016


Did you guys have a great 3 day weekend? I posted this on my FB and IG page but wanted to share it here too. Certain holidays like Memorial Day remind me of my late uncle who served in the US military most of his life. He and my aunt petitioned for my immigrant parents to move to America many years ago. I’m so thankful for what they did because they changed the course of our family’s life and future. 


Remember that $5 vintage Coke crate I bought last year at my neighbor’s garage sale? It makes the most perfect patriotic decor.

Today, is officially the first day of Summer break for my kids and they couldn’t be happier. This is how we feel about Summer!


IMG_5725-1 IMG_5721-1

We celebrated the last day of school with cousins at the pool and some delicious pizza. 

IMG_5659-1 IMG_5697-1

Even Emmy had a preschool ceremony. I love this picture of her. 


Now that the kids are on break, we will be spending a lot of time swimming and hanging out with family and friends.  Naturally, blog posts will be less frequent but I do have some posts that I plan on sharing. I really want to spend quality time with the kids and savor in the summer months as I know they will pass quickly. 


This past weekend, there was a little photo shoot of our home so I made sure to decorate with some beautiful hydrangeas. My next door neighbors on both sides of our homes have beautiful bushes and they are so generous to share them with me! In about a month, I’ll share the details to this shoot. 

Thank you for always reading along and hope you all have a great start to Summer break!


Let all that you do be done in love. I Corinthians 16:14

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