Dry Crusty Feet

October 14, 2016


Did the post title pull you in?  I wanted to share something on my heart. 

From this point of view, everything looks perfect. It’s staged beautifully and looking at that would naturally make you assume that my house is just so clean and perfectly decorated. Let’s widen out the shot shall we? 


You know what? I’m terrible at making my bed. I don’t vaccuum as much as I should. My hardwood floors always seem to have crumbs. My toilets probably need a scrub right now as I currently type this. My kids yell at each other. My floor is basically a Lego land mine. We eat leftovers and sometimes, cooking dinner is the last thing I want to do. I’m the worst at helping my kids with their homework. The worst. It’s the bane of my existence. I lose my patience. Disciplining wears me out. I wear the same outfit for days. I have dry crusty feet. TMI? 

BEWARE: LEGO LAND MINE  (don’t get me started on our couch situation in here) 

I guess I wanted to share this because maybe this resonates with you and you can relate with some of it. HA, maybe it even makes you feel better about yourself! My prayer for this space has always been to inspire and encourage you to not just craft and DIY but to be affirmed in God’s truth. I absolutely love creating, designing and sharing it all with you. It’s my joy and passion and I’m so thankful to have this space to share it with each and every one of you. 

I think in the day to day, we can get get so caught up with what everyone else is doing and seeing somehow that we don’t quite measure up. Understandably, we get distracted by what others are doing, get sucked into pretty staged pictures or watch everyone’s highlight reel on social media. It’s natural to get caught up in the comparison trap and forget the very thing that God is calling us to do. We allow the noises of the world to deafen us when in reality, you and I are unique and specifically created with certain God given talents and gifts to be used for his kingdom. 


Recently, I’ve been listening to the Glorious in the Mundane podcast by Christy Nockels and it’s just unbelievably good. The Lord is putting a new song in my heart to grab onto the mundane moments of life. I’m thankful for the ordinary moments in life that are actually quite extraordinary. He’s putting a desire in me to speak truth and life over my children even when they annoy me endlessly! He’s putting a love of intercessory prayer back into my heart after picking up a new book in our small group and finding an early jogging/prayer partner.  So as the days seem long with incessant whining, piling dishes, sick children, and the many demands of life, can I just ask you to find a little bit of time to settle down even for a few minutes? Rest in his grace, soak in his word and delight in his presence over your life. My word of the year has been Abide and He’s still teaching me what that means. Sometimes, it means just sitting still and listening to him and asking him to speak over my life and waiting for him. It’s reading the same verses and studying them over and over to find a new truth I haven’t seen before. Other times, it’s speaking to a friend and sharing our hearts with one another. It’s putting away the laundry and praying over the hearts of my family members. It’s worshipping loudly in the carpool line. It’s baking something delicious for a friend in need of some love and encouragement. 


Sorry if I’m all over the place! I’ll finish with this. Be blessed in knowing you are his beloved son and daughter and He desires to use mightily. He has purposed in you something unique that no one else has. Be encouraged in knowing that truth. God loves you, friends, crusty feet and all. You are his workmanship! Have a beautiful weekend, friends and thanks for reading. 



Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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