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March 11, 2015

Before I talk about mantles…..

I can’t even…… #auntielove


You can probably guess by now that I love decorating. It’s because I love making our house a home. I think decorating is about putting in touches that have special meaning to you. Two weeks ago, I was really itching for spring. I was so desperate for some fresh greenery that I took a walk outside my back yard to find some greens to cut off my bushes. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it far because the grass was too wet and muddy. Instead, my neighbor, Adrienne came out and saw me with scissors in one hand and looking all crazy with my bedhead. One does crazy things when they are stuck indoors for too long. I told her what I was doing and she later placed these at my front door because she knew I was longing for spring. #sosweet


I was determined to change up the mantle and create a little spring in my living room even if the weather stated otherwise. After Christmas, I craved a neutral palette so I kept it that way up until last week. One of my girlfriends is a master at decorating her home with neutral tones, fabrics and textures. I shared her mudroom on the fb group page and it fits her aesthetic perfectly. I have another friend who has a more modern flair and it fits her personality too. Instead of stressing about what style you are, just put up things that you like and that represent you and your family. 

even her pots are colorful!

Recently, when I went up to Boston to see my sister, we also visited one of my mom’s best friend’s house. I thought I loved color but no my friend, this lady LOVES color. Her entire house is lime green, bright purple and orange. To most people, this would be an eyesore and professional designers would probably say this is awful. I loved it! It’s totally not my style but I thought it was so awesome that she knew exactly what she loved and didn’t care what others had to say about it. There is something so refreshing about it all because it’s her house and since she’s living in it with her husband, she’s not trying to please anyone else. She joked about how the painter was shocked about her color choices and how he had never used any of these colors before. It totally fits her jovial and crazy personality.


 It’s not even a subtle green. It’s LIME GREEN, people! 


She even made this pasta pen holder and painted it lime green like her walls. I love how she does these little crafts because it gives her so much joy in adding them to her home. 

Although, my taste and preferences are very different from this aunt, I try to apply the same principles to home decor. I get a lot of inspiration from many sources but I enjoy the freedom to put up what I love.


When decorating your mantle, try taking everything off and to get a fresh new start. I took everything down and started with a blank canvas. I was craving spring so I put up a green plant and ran around the house to find something to put it in. I found this basket upstairs and knew it would be perfect in adding texture. 

The city of Cordoba is known for having beautiful patios and ceramics just like the one I brought home.

I bought this plate in Cordoba, Spain when I was studying abroad in college. I bought it 14 years ago with the intention of putting it up in my home one day. I guess back then, I subconsciously knew how much I would love decor. It’s one of those sentimental and valuable pieces that hold a lot of memories and meaning to me.

IMG_7977On the other side, I added some blue and white accessories and a fake orchid that shows color and adds life to the mantle. I took JJ’s Mardi Gras beads that he got from a school party and put them up on my antlers. It adds a little quirkiness because hey, I’m quirky like that. You may think they’re weird but I think they’re awesome. JJ thought it was pretty funny too. I left a couple of books up there to add height to the orchid. 


Last week, JJ found a cool stick while playing outside and so I put that up there too. JJ was proud of his additions to the mantle. I add elements of nature throughout the house because it brings life, it’s free and I like it.

Jimmy thought the kids accidentally put the stick up there but I told him nope, it was intentional. #sillyguy

IMG_8140 (3)

I moved the poms poms to the fireplace too. So all that to say, decorate how you like because it’s your home and YOU are the one living in it. Don’t decorate it the way you think it should look. You are the one that’s going to look at it every day so style it with your personality in mind and don’t take it too seriously. I find it’s a great way to creatively express myself. 

IMG_8150 (2)

Change it out and see how things look. Have fun with it. It’s just decorating. πŸ™‚ I love adding small touches to the home because it uniquely represents our family and I believe those are the things that make a house a home. It goes in line with my post about decorating. 

Have a great day, folks!

<>< yuni



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