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January 15, 2015

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Remember when I made our mantel neutral after the holidays? I tweaked it a little by changing out some black books for some white ones. I really love hardback books. I still can’t get used to my kindle. Holding a book and turning the pages is part of the experience of reading for me. After finishing a book, it’s easy to throw it up on the bookshelf only to collect dust and be unseen. Our bookshelves are upstairs and I think it’s a shame not to show these lovelies as part of our decor. I use them everywhere around the house. It brings character and I think they are just beautiful. It’s also a great way to spark conversation when new folks come by. Books can say a lot about you so it’s no wonder people are curious to see what you read. #seethatmichiganbook? πŸ˜€ 

IMG_7260I love turning books around so that the pages are showing in the front. It takes the focus off on the spines and creates a more unified look. I guess it’s also good if you don’t want to show people what you read. ha!

IMG_7255 (2)It’s great for holding up other sorts of knick knacks and decor. Yun Mi took that cute picture of the kids. 

IMG_7256 (2)Books can help add height to frames like this one and create visual appeal to the whole vignette. 

IMG_7257 (2)I turned these around because the spines were different colors. I like the monochromatic look it gives when placed this way. The pregnancy picture was also taken by my sister. Most of the other professional pictures in our home like the one of Emmy were taken by Craig Obrist Photography. You really luck out in life when your best friend is married to an amazing photographer! 


Some spines are begging to be noticed like this one! I love black and white so this is perfect to display. Emmy is 2 months old in this pic. Can’t believe how much she has grown! 


IMG_6998 (2)One day I decided to clear off this console table and put up the rest of our hardback books. I didn’t show the spines because I wanted a unique display with a little splash of color shown from the bindings. I really like how it looks clean and streamlined. The bookends were from Jimmy’s parents. I just spray painted them gold from a dark bronze color. #notsurprised

Those white cake stands were a simple diy project I did a while ago with just some glue and paint. I use them to hold candles, food, decor, anything! I will do a tutorial on that one day. 

We also have a ton of paperbacks but they are all upstairs and I’m wondering if they could possibly be displayed this way as well. If you’re trying to think of ways to decorate your house, experiment with books. Most likely, you have books lying around the house just collecting dust. Don’t be scared to try things out that aren’t the norm. It’s just decorating πŸ™‚

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