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February 6, 2017

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Hi friends! Today, I’m sharing 5 simple bookshelf styling tips. This post is sponsored by Hayneedle but all opinions, styling ideas and tips are my own. I only share products and companies on the blog that I absolutely love and that I myself would purchase and recommend to family and friends. #youguysaremyfriends

Before I go on, can you believe the Super Bowl game last night? Oh man, it was crazy!! Our hearts were broken but I still love my hometown team. #riseup If you’re feeling depressed over the loss, I recommend baking these cookies today and drowning your sorrows in them. #cookiesmakeeverythingbetter

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I have been a huge fan of Hayneedle for some time now because they offer a variety of home decor, furniture, lighting and many other home related goods at reasonable prices. They recently reached out to me to partner with them on a fun bookshelf styling post and I was ecstatic to join them along with 3 other bloggers. For my bookshelf choice, I went with this gorgeous Homestyles multi shelf in gray and faux marble. It has a clean, classic design and I loved the large size of this particular shelf. My favorite part is the faux marble shelving that appear like the real thing. 

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I decided to place this bookshelf in our guest room so that I could store additional towels, toiletries, pillows and blankets. Since there isn’t a dresser in the room, I wanted to show you how you could utilize a bookshelf to showcase these guest essentials in a sleek and functional way for a bedroom. 

Tip 1: Decorate with books

Since it’s a bookshelf, it makes sense to add books. I used books I thought our guests would enjoy reading and they include a variety of topics. You could also add some fiction or non-fiction books, magazines or other coffee table books. Books can also be used to add some height to decor pieces like this simple wooden box that can be served as a place to store jewelry or other items for guests. 

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Tip 2: Use trays 

I like to keep items accessible for our guests like q-tips, cotton balls and lotion.  This 3 piece Lodestar glass canister set holds all of these items perfectly. I like to use a tray to group items together and this one does just that. It keeps it looking uniformed and organized.

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Pretty and functional!

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Tip 3: Add visually interesting objects for texture and dimension

The beautiful cloche glass bottles add some visual interest and height to the large bookcase. The terrarium bowl also adds some depth to the shelf. 

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On the top of the shelf, I placed a set of these metal baskets. You could easily add things to fill it or leave them empty as I did here. I like how they add a bit of pop at the top of the bookshelf without looking cluttered. 

Tip 4: Keep it practical 

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Since this shelf is in the guest room, I added towels, extra pillows and a knit cotton throw on the bottom. This way, guests can can feel free to use anything extra they may need or want. Keeping these items easily accessible allows our guests to feel more at home.  

Tips 5: Mix it all up

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Since I recently decorated the guest room last spring, I added some decor pieces like these lanterns to help create a nice ambience. I recommend adding battery operated candles when using lanterns because they’re user friendly and a lot safer than traditional candles. 

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I keep a rustic ladder in the room to hold extra throws or for guests to hang their bags. I was surprised to see that Hayneedle offers personalized bags like this CB station flight travel bag. This is going to make an awesome travel/computer bag since it comes with a long strap as well. The quality is really great too and would make a special gift. 

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I hope you found these tips helpful. I like to combine functionality while keeping it aesthetically pleasing. Make sure you check out the other three bloggers to see how they styled their bookshelves with Hayneedle. Thanks so much for reading, friends! Hope you have a wonderful week. 

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