Yarn Pom Poms

February 10, 2015

Here is a fun little craft you can do on your own or with your kids. Pom poms are so cute and simple to make. You can make a garland, hair pins, use them as trim for pillows, decor, etc. A while back, I made this crazy looking pom pom cake topper for Emmy’s 1/2 year cake. The results were different than how I had imagined it in my head b/c well, it looks like a cake with alien antennas. Eh.. whatevers. #craftfail I can’t believe how much Emmy has grown! As you see, she was unimpressed with the cake or the alien-like pom poms. #lookslike2greenbrains IMG_5307For my sister’s Boston shower, her friend Amanda brought this amazing, yarn tassel garland and used it as part of the decor. She told me she bought it from Anthropologie. 

IMG_7461Isn’t that so stinking cute? The banner is from Anna Rifle Bond. As you know, I have a sickness called, “Imagonnatryamakedat” because anytime I see something cool, I’m always thinking of all the ways to try and make dat! So once I got home, I gathered all my yarn to see if I could replicate and make an Antro knock-off. It would’ve been better with thicker yarn but I didn’t have any and so I used the closest thing I had.


Not bad eh? I love how it adds some charm and whimsy to the console table. You wanna make one too dontcha? It’s easy peasy. Gather your yarn, scissors and a piece of cardboard or tupperware lid.  


First you take a thick piece of cardboard or whatever you have lying around the house and just wrap the yarn around it. If you’re making small poms poms, you won’t need to wrap around many times. If you make the bigger ones, I recommend wrapping it around a lot so that you get a fluffier looking pom pom.

IMG_7541I mixed two different yarns since I didn’t have enough of one. After you finish wrapping it around, slide it off the cardboard and tie a tight knot around the center like above. Make sure it’s tight so that the yarn doesn’t slip out!

IMG_7539Take your scissors and cut at the top and bottom of the loops. Go straight across so that you cut them evenly. Does that make sense? Sorry but I couldn’t hold the pom pom, cut and take a picture. Basically you are cutting all the loops. There’s a lot of loops so make sure you cut every single one. 


After you cut the loops, fluff them out and take your scissors again and trim all around so it resembles a pom pom. You can leave it looking uneven too if you want. You do you! 


I only had enough yarn to make 6 pom poms but I love them! I think this would look super cute hanging on an empty frame or against the wall in a nursery. If you want to make it into a garland, just take two strands of the yarns on the pom pom and tie them together around your long yarn strand. I will probably keep moving this garland around the house just for fun. 

I also thought it would be a cute idea to do a Valentines craft with the kids by making some small pom pom bookmarks. As much as I love crafts, kid crafts are not my jam! I’m trying to be better in this area because my kids love doing crafts so much. 


 Again, we used the same technique.


JJ was hard at work!


Even Emmy wanted to partake in the pom pom making festivities. #moreliketangling

IMG_7793Slide it off and tie a tight knot in the center. Cut the loops and also tie on a longer strand of yarn since that part will sit inside the book.




The kids were really proud of their new bookmarks that they made for their friends. They couldn’t wait to give them to their classmates today. 


 What’s not to like about that little fluffball. #ignoremydrycrackedfingers


 Each one is a little different but unique and cute in their own way.



Yay! I not only survived a kids craft but I actually enjoyed doing it with them. Ha! If you have some yarn lying around, try this out and be sure to let me know what you make. 


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