Moss Egg Terrarium

April 2, 2017

moss egg terrarium-loveyourabode

Hey friends, today I wanted to share a quick tutorial on an Easter egg terrarium I created last week. Last year, I attended a local blogger event with Plaid and had the chance to test out a bunch of their new line of paints. We went home with a bunch of products and one of them was their new moss paint. This paint has a lot of texture and mimics the appearance of moss. I had the idea to create a little vignette by painting over some cheap plastic eggs. I’ve included affiliate links for your convenience. 

 plaid paint

Here is the paint I used. It comes in two shades and I used the dark color first and finished with the lighter green.

easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |-2

You know those cheap plastic eggs you fill with small candies and toys? This was what I used because I had a bunch of them in storage.

easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |

Here’s how it looked with one coat. 

easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |-3

I made sure to wait for them to dry before applying a second coat. After the second coat of the darker green, I did a final third coat with the light green. Isn’t it so cool? I know it looks kinda gross but it really does give off a mossy look. The application is so easy and worked well on these cheapo eggs. My friend said they reminded her of the wicked witch’s face from Wizard of Oz.


Ha! It’s true!

easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |-6

My friend, Adrienne bought me this cool terrarium for my birthday last year and I thought it would be perfect to create this Spring arrangement using the mossy eggs. 

easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |-7

I took some faux branches I already had and placed them inside the bowl. I then started filling the bowl with faux artichokes and the mossy eggs. 

easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |-8

Voila! It was a quick and easy craft project and I love the result.

easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |-11

I even got out my gold paint marker and went to town on some Target dollar section craft eggs. 

easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |-4 easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |-14

That’s pretty much the extent of my Easter decorating this year. 

easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |-13

easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |-5 easter-egg-moss-painted | loveyourabode |-10

What do you think? Sometimes, these simple ideas pop into my head and I have to try it out. I’m glad I did because I’m digging the terrarium! This is also great craft to do with your kids. 

moss egg terrarium-loveyourabode

We’re officially on Spring break over here so it will be a little quiet the rest of the week. You can follow along with me on Instagram to see what we’re up to. Hope you have a great week, friends!


Let all that you do be done in Love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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