Transformation Tuesday: Gen’s Dining Room

January 20, 2015

photo 2
THE BEFORE: Gen’s older dining room table with outdated chairs


One year ago, I met Gen (short for Genevieve) at our mutual friend’s daughter’s birthday party. We became instant friends and I consider her my French Canadian sister. It feels like I’ve known her all my life and I’m so thankful for this friend whose outer beauty matches her inner heart. 


I know this is random but that’s her eye! She modeled for Clear Eyes years ago. #myfriendbefamous

Haha!  Back to Transformation Tuesday. Gen recently finished a dramatic change to her entire dining room. Her antique dining table and chairs were well built but just not her style after years of use. She also wanted to lighten up the look of the room because when they bought their home, the walls AND ceiling in this room were painted a dark burgundy color. There’s nothing wrong with having a dark burgundy room if you love it but in this case, it just didn’t fit with Gen’s personality and style. With lots of elbow grease, some Annie Sloan paint and determination, she got to work and now the room is totally unrecognizable.

photo 1 (1) Here’s another picture (sorry it’s blurry but you get the idea) that shows that the table was well built. 

photo 1 (2)

Gen removed the cushions, re-upholstered them, and spray painted them outside. She was smart to spray paint the mesh area first and then apply a coat with the Annie Sloan paint. 

photo 1 (5)

Here’s a picture of how dark the room was. Her chandelier was also a dark bronze color that kind of blended into the red room. She repainted the chandelier as well. #busybee

READY for the AFTER?? 



IMG_7314 (2)



Yeah, that’s what I said when I saw it. It looks totally different and I love the freshness it brings to her home. You really can’t believe it’s the same furniture! I love how she moved the bench from another room into this room because it helps to break the formality of the space and adds a bit of that laid back charm. I love how she used the Christmas tree skirt and laid it on the bench.  When you think outside the box, many items can be multi-purpose. 

IMG_7312 (2)

I mean, look at that beauty! It’s so French country which I think goes perfect with this French Canadian gal. I love how she used a similar color on the cushions. She also sprayed it with scotch guard to keep them as stain free as possible. 

IMG_7323 (2)

See how the Annie Sloan gives it a nice textured, distressed look? 

IMG_7317 (2)

Here are the steps she took for the table. 

She used Annie Sloan (AS) in 3:1 Paris Gray and Old White for the table top, applying two coats and then distressing the top with AS dark wax. The table had three sections and so as as soon as one section of the wax was dry, she wiped with AS clear wax. She kept wiping off the wax with a plain white t-shirt until reaching the desired effect.

IMG_7320 (2)IMG_7322 (2)

Check out the new but old chandelier! 

IMG_7311 (2)

IMG_7331 (2)For this picture, I brought back the other 2 dining chairs and removed the chalkboard and wreath from the far wall. I suggested she bring back her buffet (at her aunt’s house), position it on the wall and have the chairs flank it on both sides. I think leaving the buffet in it’s original state will bring a nice punch to the room and give it a great contrast to the room’s fresh and airy vibe. Isn’t it amazing what paint can do? Awesome job, Gen! It not only looks fabulous but it matches your aesthetic and style perfectly. 

If you’ve been married a while, most likely your furniture may not suit your fancy anymore. This is a great alternative to buying a brand new furniture set. This is also great for those pieces that may have been handed down to you from family but look outdated. If the piece has great bones and is solid wood, paint is an inexpensive method to refurbish it. I’m no pro but if you have a question, send me a pic and I can give you an opinion on the piece of furniture you’re thinking about painting. 

Thanks for reading!


2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come. 2 Corinthians 5:17

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