DIY Ugly Sweater Family

December 13, 2016


Hey friends! My husband and I were currently in the Big Apple for a few days and we leave today. We came to watch my brother, John, perform in the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Hall. I’ll share a post regarding our trip soon but today, I wanted to share a few pictures from a Christmas party we went attended recently. We all decided to wear ugly sweaters and I literally put together our attire the day of the party. If you’re looking for an idea for an ugly sweater, here are some simple but crazy ideas. I spent a total of $2 on some trim and used stuff I already had in my craft closet. 

My husband is truly a good sport! WHY? LOOK AT HIM! He knows how to have a good time and he obviously does NOT get embarrassed easily. I actually purchased this lovely sweater vest from Goodwill a few years ago. All I did was add some flair with some faux poinsettias. I know what you’re thinking. The sweater was already beautiful enough. LOL I think the huge poinsettias add dimension and more holiday spirit! 


For my sweater, I just took an old one that I was getting ready to donate. I was originally going to hot glue everything onto my sweater but decided to use a large piece of felt shaped like a tree and then used safety pins to attach everything onto the sweater. The gold trim from Walmart was $1 and I hot glued it going up to resemble a tree. Tiny ornaments were glued on the tree and I also placed a large faux poinsettia as the topper. Sorry, I don’t have any photos but I was literally putting this together a few hours before the party. I’m such a craft procrastinator! At the last minute, I remembered that I had a small string of battery powered lights and added that to the shirt. I even made some headbands with leftover materials for me and my girls. You can’t see it that well but I also made some ornament earrings. Might as well go all out right?!


For the kids, I took an old white shirt and hot glued the trim on some felt to spell out JOY. I added a few ornaments and called it a day. It was a simple and quick DIY and came it more cute than ugly I think. You could spell out so many different words using this idea. 


Sure you can buy an ugly sweater at Target for $20 but come on, have you ever seen an original one like Jimmy’s?! If this didn’t provide you with inspiration to make an ugly sweater, I hope it at least made you giggle. I totally encourage you throw an ugly sweater party because they are the best! 


Coincidentally, the girls all showed up as Christmas trees!


It’s such a fun tradition and I’m pretty sure the vest will be making a reappearance next Christmas!

Hope your Tuesday is great!


Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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