A shower for Nene

December 30, 2014

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IMG_6364 (2)The weekend before Thanksgiving, I threw my sister Yun Mi a baby shower at my house. I had been waiting to do this for a while so you can imagine my anticipation. Once I knew she was coming home for Thanksgiving, I started daydreaming and planning her shower. For the party, I decided on a rustic theme with a southern inspired menu.

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The southern menu had some really delectable dishes. I had some help from a couple of friends with the food and desserts. Thanks to my awesome friend Sandra, the shrimp and grits were incredible. I tried to think of a dish that could be served warm without too much hassle and stress.

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Look at the cute preggars!!! My sweet husband helped move the folding table and our dining table. The night before the shower, he switched tables, brought in chairs and helped me set up the tables with a joyful heart. I seriously love him.

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Mom, sis and me!

I love a good plaid (apparently so does my mom) and I knew I wanted plaid napkins. So what did I do? I cut up a fitted bed sheet! haha! I bought this plaid flannel sheet set last year for our bed but couldn’t use it because it wasn’t soft enough for hubby’s skin. He has eczema so only 100% cotton will do. I knew it could serve another purpose! It took some time cutting, sewing, ironing and folding all the napkins but I loved how it turned out. Plus, I have like 25 napkins for future uses.

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Baby’s first booties

I utilized the home decor from around the house including candle holders, candles, wedding china, crystal glasses and pine cones. I spray painted some of the chargers gold to match since some of mine were silver. I kept the flowers simple so I bought baby’s breath and placed them in mason jars that my sister made for her wedding a few years back. I loved the outcome and most importantly, my sister loved it all the more.

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My girlfriend and neighbor, Sara is known as the diaper cake lady. All I did was show her a pic of a diaper cake I saw on pinterest and she delivered! It was even more beautiful than the image I sent her.

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It was such a lovely night with lovely girlfriends. Oh yeah, I covered the two tables with 2 bronze colored curtains I bought a while back on clearance. I used them for my daughter’s 1st birthday party and it has become much more useful as a table covers than curtains.

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Instead of cupcakes, I decided on 3 cakes and pumpkin whoopie pies. If you know me, you know I love a good cake…. and a good chalkboard. ha!

IMG_7369 (2)My friend, Esther made her amazing chocolate cake. It is the most delicious chocolate cake ever! Recipe found here.

For the pumpkin whoopie pies, I used the trader joe’s pumpkin mix and then made my own cream cheese filling.

IMG_7365 (2)

Esther also made this light, lemon angel cake with some lemon curd and fresh blueberries. I love the rustic look of this lemon cake. The cake topper was from my daughter’s birthday party. It’s just gold cardstock cut into small triangles and strung with gold string.

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I baked and decorated a 3 layer carrot cake. I will have to post this recipe soon because it’s my go to carrot cake recipe. I originally baked 2 layers but then decided the night before that it needed another layer. I know…. I’m cray. The funny part was that I was out of regular sized carrots so I had to grate the baby carrots that I had on hand. Again, I know… I’m cray. I love doing rose piping because the design is forgiving and it looks so fancy. I took the art out of an existing frame we had and I sprayed the frame gold. I used it as a backdrop to hold the little banner that my friend, Cat and I made together. Btw, the baby’s name isn’t Nene. It’s just a fun little nickname we gave her but I’m pretty sure I’m going to continue calling her that after she’s born.

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The dessert table in my dining room. Why so many cakes for a small gathering??

IMG_6452 (3)

Because they were the party favors! I boxed up samples of each dessert for all the guests. We of course enjoyed them after dinner as well.

IMG_6449 (2)Yumes and Jules. Jules is so excited to have a girl cousin! #poorjj

IMG_6445 (3)A lady and her desserts. It was a special night blessing this mama to be and covering her with prayer.

IMG_6391 (2)

I’m so thankful for my little sister. Even though she lives in Boston, we still text/talk almost every day and we are so close. She is my best friend and I can’t wait to see her as a mom. Ahhhhh I’m going to be an aunt!!!




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